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The Mourinho Thread

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wouldn't blame if he didn't..won the double and had a poor season yet finished top 4 at least but still got the flick.

Least this time it won't be a omg what happened moment.more of a oh he's gone

Exactly the poor season he had wasn't as bad as this.

The reason he got sacked back then is because people thought this wouldn't happen under Mourinho.

But guess what it happens to everyone.

The problem I say is this, do we want to support a manager with a bad season who brings bad image to us? Or someone more cooler?

I'll take a bad season with Carlo then Mourinho any day, because with Carlo we don't get all that shenanigans we get with Mourinho.

Not worth all that noise that Mourinho brings.

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I'm genuinely surprised by how some don't seem to realize how bad the situation really is. This is by far worse than any of the 'bad runs' by any of our previous managers. It's our worst start to a se

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I'm saying it now even though I dislike him: if Pep's situation is not sorted soon Roman will do absolutely everything in his power to convince him to take over in the summer. I think we all know how much of a boner he has for Pep.

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Still don't think he should be sacked by the way, anyone else? Lol

Not till December or even in the summer.

Still don't make sense getting rid of him and not getting the real target we want like Liverpool did.

Don't want an interim manager.

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It is not even that, we finished 2nd and if I remember correctly a win at Old Trafford away from retaining the title despite going on a 9-10 games winless streak earlier in the season. This time there is probably relieve this man is gone from Stamford Bridge if I have to guess.

Too bad once the board wanted to do the right thing by backing the manager they chose the wrong man to put their faith in. Ah well learn from our mistake I guess, hopefully there won't ever be a 2nd Mourinho at this club ever again after this.

Thought it was 2nd but then thought maybe wrong and seemed daft to sack a manager who finished that high.Fair enough our performances weren't always good but wtf is this!?! It is just crazy how we won the title last season and gone completely the opposite way.Didnt think we'd win it but didnt think we would start it this badly with wins looking like fluke results.I didnt want Jose sacked but again and again and again it keeps happening or he does something which puts the club in a bad light.The whole thing is crazy

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@FOXSoccer: Sky reports that Mourinho tried to make his way into the referee's room at the break, which is off-limits, and was ejected. More to follow.

lol this guy is crazy.

See why we want someone like that for long term stability?

Stupidity from our board to give him a new contract.

I said it before that we would be making the same mistake Real Madrid.

Won the league gave him a contract extension and then everything went downhill.

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Not only has Mourinho been poor at his job this season, he's having a bad influence on the club. Blind faith is blind faith.

This is why he needs to leave, even if it means an interim manager. Hiddink is available. Roman knows him and more importantly, he's done an amazing job here before.

We need to stop thinking with our hearts and start thinking with our heads. What's best for Chelsea first before anything.

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