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  1. I was one of the few here who wanted Tuchel before Lamps was sacked and advocated that he was a good manager. He is leaving a lot points on the table since the international break against weaker sides. I would like him to be a bit braver.
  2. Which he did at PSG, basically the same. Play it safe, keep the ball, give to Neymar and Mbappe so they can do their magic.
  3. This system is doable against more open sides, but will struggle against teams who are playing deep. Our attack is nowhere near sharp enough to get away with it. I guess when you have Mbappe and Neymar you could get away with such lazy tactics.
  4. Lol struggling to score and Tuchel answer is playing 5 defenders and 2DM.
  5. Forget United, I am not sure what exactly is UEFA plan for CL In 2024 and beyond. Let’s use Chelsea for example say we finish 6th this season and west Ham finish 4th. Under the current rules West Ham would qualify. But what I am suggesting is still fair and appease big clubs. Is that Chelsea should qualify because they finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th previous seasons, which is on average much higher than West Ham finishes. That is the point I am trying to get across, there are other ways to decide CL qualifications.
  6. I am saying for example if over a period of 5 years Man United performed better than West Ham then they should be in the CL, and if vice versa was true than West Ham should be in the CL. I think it makes sense to grant CL qualifications based on some historical data, it has merit and it rewards the clubs that are most consistent.
  7. How is it favoritism if United have performed better than West Ham over a period time? That is another way of rewarding based on merit, and that is favoring consistency over outlier.
  8. He shouldn’t be sacked, let’s be real everything goes through Roman and he has to sign off on it. Also it is unwise to give in to bully tactics.
  9. Honestly why should West Ham be in the CL based on one fluke season? It is still merit based if you award teams who are consistently playing at higher level. Teams like West Ham are too volatile, one season they may push for push for top 4 and next season they may struggle to stay at the PL level.
  10. Lmao you guys are so melodramatic. The super league was never going to happen anyway too many barriers.
  11. I am not for the ESL, but the overreaction is insane, it is not the end of the sport. Like It or not, changes is part of life cycle.
  12. It is a shame people can’t let go of their agenda, he has been playing some fine football since Tuchel took over. Against top competitions too.
  13. Chelsea are unbeaten in the last 18 games when Jorginho has started. Honestly it is incredible how Chelsea fans constantly moan and bitch about him when he hardly even featured during a terrible stretch that ultimately got Lampard fired.
  14. We have really hit rock bottom when you are wishing to see Alonso play again.
  15. The only superior side you could argue was Inter, and Rafa Benetiz was so poor even an incredible second half season by Leonardo couldn’t help them overcome the odds. The best work any manager has done in Serie A over the past ten years is Conte and Sarri, and we hired both of them and fired both of them. I am done talking about Allgeri; because none of you could argue why he is a good fit, and it all come down to this nonsense He Is a WiNnEr.
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