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  1. I am trying to give Saul a chance, but he is so average at best. The four CMs ahead of him are way above him.
  2. Lukaku said he was set to stay at Milan, but Tuchel convinced him and biggest reason he changed his mind. The board would have no interest in signing Lukaku if Tuchel didn’t want him. He doesn’t fit their profile from a financial and long term standpoint. you have to remember the board were here before Tuchel, and will be here much after Tuchel. They want to sign young players and with potential resale value. who knows how long Tuchel will be here, and he knows that. He is not thinking long term, he is thinking what gives him the best opportunity right now.
  3. Kovacic is our best midfielder this season, any disagreement?
  4. That is disrespecting RLC and Chalobah talent to put them in the same sentence as those. Gilmour and Gallagher are much of a underdog. Though decisions coming up for the club and players. Jorginho, Kante, and Kovacic are among the best CMs in the world. And before the Norwich game Tuchel said he found it tough not starting RLC, and think he is absolutely deserving based on how he has played. Minutes will be tough to come by.
  5. We have had some elite penalty takers for a while now. Lampard for all those years, then Hazard, and now Jorginho.
  6. Didn’t get a chance to watch, how did Saul do?
  7. I think Sarri did, his best position is a 3 man midfield while being the most advanced of the 3 midfielder. He was natural fit for Sarri system. While there is no such role under Conte and Tuchel, so they will play him elsewhere. I am honestly surprised how crisp and sharp his passing has been. It’s quite vital if you are the deepest midfielder. It’s good that he has provided quality minutes for us, long season with a congested fixtures ahead.
  8. Adams Traore in January anyone?
  9. I think his endurance should getter as he get more accustomed to more playing time. But he is a big guy, endurance will be something he will always struggle with.
  10. Lol, were you not aware how aggressively some of us were against signing Lukaku? It was obvious from the start this was going to happen. I think Traore would be a good signing, I don’t know why people are so aggressively against him.
  11. Did I miss something or has the international break made some of us forget how dire our attacking options have been. I mean Tuchel brought Barkley in the last game, there will be an opportunity for Pulisic.
  12. He is a freaking Jets fan, as a PA raised boy myself that is so weird and random. Outside of the Eagles and Steelers, there is a lot of Ravens or Washington football team fans. I can’t recall a single Jets fans growing up 30 minutes from Hershey. https://www.nbcsports.com/video/christian-pulisic-joins-kyle-martino-Chelsea-training-ground
  13. As usual getting exposed when not in Tuchel system.
  14. Completely different, which American owners is this interlocked with their government? City and PSG owners are practically backed by their government or businesses associated with their government.
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