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  1. Hope Ziyech comes good this season, only player with creativity and Vision on this squad. Going to need him.
  2. Wish we prioritized signing a creative player.
  3. The Haaland situation is very straight forward, there is a clear value they have to sell Haaland next summer. So for them to sell this summer they have to have the financial incentive to sell. Without Haaland there is a possibility they lose CL football money and other revenues will be lost. They will sell if the money offered compensate them fairly.
  4. Rudigar has only had few very good months of football in 4 seasons at Chelsea, he is certainly not worth it.
  5. I have seen very little of Tchouameni, he does reminds me of Obi Mikel. His physical stature, how he shields the ball, and sprays passes is very Obi Mikel like.
  6. It amazes me people actually rated Drinkwater, he is a championship level player lol. Which in fact in reality what he is, since he has spent most of his career at that level.
  7. I don’t think it is when you consider CL football money and other revenue lost opportunities. I would say 150-160m should do it.
  8. I think it is not even a question, Dortmund will sell Haaland if they receive a fee that is substantialy more than they could next summer.
  9. Thinking Kounde is very much Azpi successor. Given Silva, Azpi, Rudigar, and Christensen all with uncertainty beyond next season. I think it makes sense.
  10. Out of that group I like RLC, I think at the very least he could be a viable super sub. His physicality and pace can give tired opposition a lot of trouble. I think there is a role for him.
  11. Similar to Conte, Tuchel needs to evolve in his second season if he is going to be successful. Conte couldn’t, after teams found a way to play against his system and it became very clear of it’s weakness by the end of first season. Similarly I think Tuchel faces similar challenge.
  12. Comparing Tuchel few months of football at Chelsea to Conte two seasons doesn’t seem fair. Very impressive start by Tuchel, but Conte first year was incredible too. We will see if Tuchel can sustain it.
  13. No there is evidence to back that up. I can’t imagine watching Chelsea on a regular basis thinking we create a lot of chances. And if you look at the personal out there, where are they coming from. The 5 defenders? 2 defensive midfielders?our non creative attackers? https://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/features/2021/5/14/22435783/why-arent-Chelsea-scoring-more-goals-and-how-can-we-fix-that
  14. Hopefully it is sufficient where the club doesn’t regret it too much in case he becomes a great player.
  15. Lamptey can play on the left also.
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