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  1. Chelsea are unbeaten in the last 18 games when Jorginho has started. Honestly it is incredible how Chelsea fans constantly moan and bitch about him when he hardly even featured during a terrible stretch that ultimately got Lampard fired.
  2. We have really hit rock bottom when you are wishing to see Alonso play again.
  3. The only superior side you could argue was Inter, and Rafa Benetiz was so poor even an incredible second half season by Leonardo couldn’t help them overcome the odds. The best work any manager has done in Serie A over the past ten years is Conte and Sarri, and we hired both of them and fired both of them. I am done talking about Allgeri; because none of you could argue why he is a good fit, and it all come down to this nonsense He Is a WiNnEr.
  4. Serie A was respectful league back then; FFP and rise of Qatari and UAE clubs destroyed the league. The thing is most Serie A owners were not in the business of making money out of their club, it was a hobby to them not a serious business. Regulations and unable to compete financially left the league in shambles.
  5. Ibramovic carried his ass, once he was sold, Allegri was exposed and fired soon after. Seems like at 39 years old Ibra might carry another Milan manager to a title. Serie A is a broke league, do you even realize the quality of their squads. Inter have built a side on top of players that can’t compete at higher level of leagues.
  6. Allegri is a winner? Lol, people are discrediting any manager who won with PSG. yet Juventus have been even more dominant in Serie A, they have won 9 straight league title. He has not won shit outside of grandpa league.
  7. How about those signings though like Morata, Bakayoko, Rudigar, Drinkwater, Kepa, and Jorginho?
  8. I disagree with your lining of reason, you can’t judge it in hindsight. Your intention might be ambitious or not, but it is not dependent on results. Madrid hired Zidane after sacking Carlo, a coach as experienced as Lampard. Did you say they lack ambition at the time? His hiring resulted in unprecedented success in the CL. Barca hired a novice manager in Pep too. Madrid also hired Lopetegui who basically the same pedigree as Sarri, which failed, Barca hired a dozen of mediocre coaches post Pep. The popular thinking at major clubs years ago was to hire a manager who had won before at
  9. Are you for serious? Sarri was one of the most admired and attractive manager at the time, did you forget we had a transfer ban before we hired Lampard? You are also saying our standard has been lowered after being the arguably the biggest spender in Europe. Actually our standard were much lower when he had Willian and many other deadwoods in the squad. We had Hazard and failed to surround him with better talent. For god sake have some perspective man, it’s fair to say Lampard is not competent to lead this team forward, but in the grand scheme of things he has built a squad that is
  10. It amuses me how this guy has barely played in our terrible slide, yet most Chelsea fans want to blame.
  11. Imagine having all these talented players and going for Allegri. Are you out of your minds?
  12. I don’t think the frustration from players are there where they point the finger at the manager. Still young and trying to settle in. btw I haven’t been on the forum lately, who is the TalkChelsea popular choice to replace Lampard.
  13. I think he is still largely respected, even if if there some doubts. Still that doesn’t mean they buy in to the next guy, it’s a delicate situation. This is not Chelsea squad of the past, where it is a room full of veteran or players in their prime who have went through the manager merry go round.
  14. Most of the players we signed in the summer are primary here due to Lampard, got to bring someone who the players buy in to.
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