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  1. I personally never understand the luck argument, or when players, managers, fans, etc argue the result wasn’t fair or they deserved better. Our 2012 CL was no lucky either, many years of success and failures lead to that. In fact that team was less lucky, if you consider losing to penalty against United years ago, Andres Iniesta late equalizer that sent that to the final.
  2. I don’t recognize the irrelevant flag of your country, so I wouldn’t be able to insult you. Rudigar, AC, and Azpi all have expiring contracts. Back 4 is the norm in football, the majority of teams are able to field it. The situation is giving the opportunity to recruit those players.
  3. So did RDM, Tuchel has done well enough to buy more time. People complain about our attackers yet at the same admit, Tuchel tactics only benefits our defenders. Unless he changes we are going to continue to be competing for 3/4, anyone is watching this team toward end of the season thinking wow this team could be PL winner?
  4. I don’t see Lukaku here next season, his ego is too big to fight for his position. He will push for an exit.
  5. Worse winning percentage than Sarri.
  6. I see Danjuma as a better finisher/scorer but I like Antony close control and acceleration. See a bit of the left footed version of Hazard.
  7. Got to judge players on skill and traits. Because that ultimately translates not what league they played. I liked Ziyech, but not as FW. I was hoping he would be utilized like he was early in his Ajax career as a #8. If he was at City he would probably an alternative to KDB. In the PL you have to have the acceleration to beat players 1 on 1 if you are going to play as a wide forward.
  8. I also dislike City because they are state owned by UAE, who are very much responsible with what is going on in Yemen.
  9. We are not catching Pool overall count, not in my lifetime anyway. But Pool has 1 PL title in the modern era so there is that, we can brag about that.
  10. Obviously we are talking about the league.
  11. City is more Chelsea competition than Pool. If they win the EPL they would surpass our count.
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