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  2. We didn't hire Lampard because he's a "young, inexperienced" manager. We hired him because he's a Chelsea legend. That's the matter of it. We could have chosen better rookie managers like Eddie Howe instead of Lampard because at least Howe has shown he can play attacking football and has more coaching years under his belt. There was ZERO major reasons to pick Lampard at the time. Zero. He lost the Championship play-off final, took Derby from 6th to 6th and only had one season under his belt. You can point to "he has coached the youths there to take them to the play-off final" but it'
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  4. Apologies for not putting my point over well enough. I was thinking about the hiring of any young, inexperienced manager at a top club, not just Frank at Chelsea. If a club is going hire such a manager, then, as I said before, they have to give that manager time to learn from their mistakes and failures and see if they can turn things around. If not, then no top club should ever hire young managers.
  5. But that already feeds in to what I was saying. There was always going to be an element of learning on the job but there's a difference between raw promise and the tactical cluster fuck we saw in those last two months. I think he did a very good job in season one and I would debate anyone on that but it was pretty clear he just didn't have it in for him for the next phase of the process, he was so wildly undercoaching our top talent.
  6. Disagree completely. Why give someone out of their depth who had us sitting like 8th and looking progressively worse than we did the previous season, after spending 250 mil on players who were significantly better than what we had the season beforehand more time? Just to make us even worse? The players weren’t particularly happy either with the lack of tactical instructions or high level of training as well as his inability to react in games before it was too late as well as blaming players and taking no responsibility with if various sources are to be believed. Plus there was tension bet
  7. Tbh he is the last person who should be given time to build project. No improvements in 18 months here. Our defense was shit in 2019 with Frank but also in 2021. I think Sarri would do great job if he stayed 3 or 4 years here...
  8. I cant believe theres people still moaning for FL sacking.. And we are 3rd and on 2 finals!
  9. True, but RA knew he was hiring a very inexperienced manager with a lot to learn. You should either accept a young manager will have tough times and stick by them, or not hire one in the first place. Yes, I fully accept that Frank might well have not turned things around, but I still think he should have been given until the end of this season. Anyway, that's all history now, so onwards and hopefully upwards with TT.
  10. Its a tiny, tiny percentage from the 35 million + vaccinations in the UK. Futhermore, those who do contract it again will have milder symptoms than their first bout of it. I don't even want to think about what kind of state the world would be heading towards without these vaccines. Those incredible people who worked round the clock to develop the vaccines can't be praised enough. They literally saved our world as we know it!
  11. yeah but they have to travel we don't so more of a home game for us.
  12. You realize Porto is different city? 274km away from Lisbon. Because your post says London or Lisbon.
  13. Porto-Estatio do Dragao looking good for lifting our 2nd title
  14. The sacking of Frank happened because there's levels as to what's acceptable even during rebuilds.
  15. For me, TT should't be sacked though he should lose every single game from now until the end of the season, CL and Fa Cup including.
  16. If we don't manage to win either The FA Cup or CL.. I fear TT Wil be axed but I really hope not. He is obviously a great manager and there isnt many more to chose from out there who we haven't had already bar Byerns coach who is leaving at the end of the season.
  17. Not sure how much no fans played part.
  18. I dont know which one is more horrible, us getting spanked by 8 goals or them scoring as rarely as possible
  19. Instant impact......about fucking time we started winning at big 6, convincingly.
  20. WBA scored 25% of their goals this season against us.
  21. RE8 is actually pretty dope, the visuals are insane. That RV engine sure kicks out quality graphics. Only 3 hours is but so far very nice indeed.
  22. Well, City have played so many domestic cup finals there so they can say the same thing.
  23. Portugal had it last year. Also, does this mean Istanbul next year?
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