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  2. Yup, can hold my hands up and say TT HAS SORTED THE DEFENCE and made us hard to beat. Good analysis
  3. 1 nils are a grinder mentally, but I love defence above all else that 2004/2005 15 goals conceded side under Mou is my all time favourite, and I was really young that season (1 and 12yo) so it imprinted on my mind
  4. Hmm I never saw those players as written off we need a big squad with all the games this season. I agree TT has sorted the defence properly. My only worry is 1-0 and lack of finishing but we beat the Dippers. I'm delighted
  5. And Christensen would be off. No I won‘t support City, last time I checked Lampard fucked off to City
  6. I for one am absolutely delighted with our incredible defensive solidity and positional discipline. We are terrible to watch but we are even worse to play against. I really do not care that much any more as long as we are getting results. If Tuchel is given time I can imagine us becomeing more prolific. But it is clear his focus is on securing top four with a solid defence rn. Do not expect him to deviate much from back 5 until summer. Mason is becoming an absolute talisman. He has his deficiencies but so many qualities as well it is really hard to see how anyone keeps him out of the team
  7. Kova smacking the ball at mane was also a great moment
  8. Honestly thought they had a chance of beating our record..they looked so soild. Then they've lost once and gone on some mad spiral
  9. Yeah I can't take 1-0 leads. Honestly- we always get 1-0 and then we end up with a stupid draw. It's been like this for the past 8 years and it kills me. Yes TT has transformed the defence- I cannot praise him enough. If he can get us to score 2 goals or more whilst doing that. I will eat my hat and apologise that I have seriously misjudged him
  10. Have you been watching how Rudinger, Azpi, and Christensen have been playing? Jorginho, Kova, and Mount all playing better under TT. A lot of these players were deemed as useless when Frank was in charge, TT is putting them in positions to succeed. Yes, the finishing is still an issue but we're getting results including a win at Anfield. You act like that's an easy feat...
  11. You can't drop Mount, he is our best player atm and that I disagree Ziyech is a good presser. Ok, zero press was a bit strong, but look at today. He was a passenger for large parts of it.
  12. Liverpool, after so many games being unbeaten at Anfield, now lost 5 home league games in a row lmao. Super happy that Chelsea contributed.
  13. no problem, and apologise for coming in so hard
  14. yes, talk about flogging a dead horse, sheesh
  15. I just want to SMASH manure the next 3, 4 times we play them, so so sick of not taking three against that absolute fraud Ole at the wheel
  16. Just 2 goals conceded since TT took over, and one of those was Rudiger. So many clean sheets, I almost forgot how they taste. And the best part, we really are a wall at the back.
  17. You are probably the most monothematic member on here. We got it, you don't like Lampard. Time to move on.
  18. He's definitely the most improved player, and it's a bit like Stones at City as someone else mentioned. I think Thiago is definitely helping- what an amazing free transfer
  19. Been a while! Definitely a nice feeling!
  20. no it is so negative football matches are won on balance of defence (if you score one goal or more) and we were masterful
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