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  2. It's still annoying we've caused our own slide..few weeks ago Liverpool were written off.. then bammm right back in it! The writing off was dumb definitely cause it was still possible..and now more so! Except now we've been written off really.. no reason we can't can't do it. Guess we'll know after Tueday. Drop points and its done. Don't think Liverpool will now
  3. right but from what I read there is a risk of aggravating the injury. Besides we are not playing man city this weekend, but a much lesser team. Yes, they are strong enough to beat us, but a good game by us, regardless of starting XI (Jorginho got us to the CL final and is a shoo-in for tomorrow), should get us there silverware.
  4. Yup. win this and worry about the rest later. We have one big and one slight advantage over Leicester. We have the bigger squad and will be able to field more fresh players in the league game and dont need to travel for either game. leicester either have to stay in London and sleep 3 nights in a hotel or travel back and forth.
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  6. Premier League – League Table – Predicted Final League Table https://www.footballwebpages.co.uk/premier-league/league-table/predicted
  7. Asking if the FA Cup has lost its magic has lost its magic A ‘yarn bombing’ is seen in the village of Syston as support for Leicester before the FA Cup final. The Fiver still has no idea what a ‘yarn bombing’ is. Photograph: Matthew Lewis/Getty Images
  8. Friday May 14 2021 Football Nerd Why Michail Antonio deserves more respect as a goalscorer By Daniel Zeqiri
  9. Benfica return? To join Vertonghen and Otamendi? Golden oldies reunion
  10. fucking Citeh broke our all division English record for most consecutive away league wins in a season
  11. At least we can agree on that haha . Cheers! And for @NikkiCFC. Ok thanks for your answer, but all this tells us is that he took 126 corners; nothing else. How many assists did Ward-prowse get from his 156 corners for ex? And you cannot compare stats such as big chances conversion and number of corners taken. The first really tells you something while you can't really draw any conclusion from the second.
  12. Yep definitely works but seems silly to keep giving mangers long contracts..fire them then have to pay out lots again and again. Guess they don't think like that and hope it all works out. City won
  13. Yep! Jose being the only manager in the RA era to last longer than two seasons, proves your point. Ridiculous way of running a club, but we do things differently from other clubs. But it has worked and that's what its all about at the end of the day.
  14. insane game 3 4 Citeh so far Ferran Torres hat trick
  15. Long contract extensions seem to be the kiss of death! Just keep it short lol
  16. Wana win this..least then we know we'll end the season with something..cause we could end with nothing if all goes super wrong.
  17. Sure he'll want to give all his starting 11 some playing time. Our players will be a bit tierd but they do have five clear days off before the final, so they should be well rested and ready to go by the day of the final. Probably just very light training and working on tactics during the week.
  18. You might get some if we lose both Finals and don't get top four. Also, being on a short contract I thought that might put him in a bit of trouble with RA. But there's talk about him being offered an extension, so it seems like his position is probably secure for next season .
  19. Last season we were shocking! Willian 111 corners, Mount 80, Emerson 20 and many other with less... ZERO GOALS!
  20. 2-1 City at the mo Make that 2-2. That was a long added 3 minutes..
  21. lol Willian was absolutely dreadful
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