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  1. MrBlueGuy


    Wouldn't look out of place in the Bayern 11 imo that is how good he is this season.
  2. He is heading down the Torres path, a couple of world class seasons then fade into nothingness because of injuries. The only difference between them so far is that one acts as a nice guy while the other acts like a thug but both are as useless as each other. We seems to be a cursed grave for strikers bar Drogba and a good season from a striker doesn't seem to change that fact.
  3. Rumors are that Rodger, RDM and Hiddink are all on our short list to replace Jose until the end of the season. Goodness me if there is any truth in this I don't know what to say, maybe the problem isn't mainly Jose after all but the board as well. If we get rid of Jose a good replacement needs to come in, not 3 managers that have been sacked from their respective jobs barely a few months ago.
  4. Do we? just like going from champions to losing your 1st 7 of the 12 matches in the next season with a mostly fully fit squad?
  5. It keeps getting better and better for this guy.
  6. The league record that is on course to get an English champion relegated in consecutive seasons? People always blame Carlo for his shit league record but I will take consistent 2nd/3rd place finishes every year with a couple of league trophies here and there during a 5-6 years period instead of the current Mourinho version where we can go from one side of the table in no time at all.
  7. Might be able to sign a couple of their players for good prices after they fall out with Mourinho because of that so cannot always look on the negative side
  8. As long as his favorite person is still at the club he is happy no matter what happens to Chelsea FC, like the majority of other fans really.
  9. Please put in the same amount of support for our next manager as your mortal God Mourinho. Then we would see your true Chelsea supporting side instead of being seeen as a Mourinho worshipper.
  10. If we appoint him we would trade Ying for Yang. We need a manager that have both.
  11. It is acceptable as long as we keep on winning which many including myself thought he would be able to maintain once he got the whole club under his control but clearly that is not the case. After all isn't the main purposes of having good attacking players are to win games for us but if we did then having them or not isn't really an issue. Now though we can really see the damage being done by Mourinho and why he is the best short term manager in football history, he wins things in cycles(3 years at best) then he cannot maintain it after this period, what we also didn't know is the free fallin
  12. Would be hilarious to see what happens when Mourinho is appointed new PSG manager next summer, will this guy get send back to us for a cut price deal haha?
  13. He traded Mata, Lukaku and KDB for a Capital One and league title, is this worth it we might have to ask ourselves when Lukaku earn his 50m transfer to PSG or KDB is included in World 11 in a couple of years.
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