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  1. Consideing some airlines have bumped their prices up already...eek
  2. It's silly. Still wonder who announced it. If was a Facebook thing or someone said it and took off from there.. woops!! Least in theory soon can get it for real! Yep!!! We did have some parents say sorry to us that we were open so they could work. Bit aws that's nice but not your fault! Though working through it has helped a lot really. I know some people who been at home working and now going back to the office who are worried. Whereas if been working throughout..getting coughed and sneezed on lol..it dont matter.
  3. Hopefully..I just hope somehow City doesn't mess this up cause that be to much...I expect next season to be a closer race. Hopefully involving us too
  4. Pride? Their first game in front of home crowd if all goes ahead. They'll be go go go. Hopefully though so will we. Definitely turned a corner. Need to keep it going till then
  5. That be intresting with the play offs finals being held that weekend.
  6. Lost to them already..theyve been pretty shite so we should bloody win this one!
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