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  1. Tbf there was negatively last year...and there was ages to go. And turned out the worries were right cause it wasn't that great! Soooo from that point of view... Hopefully we can get it right. Soon as we can cause other teams will strengthen and we have weak areas.
  2. I dont know. Someone has to be a mug and take him on! Hopefully he can turn into something next season... How lovely he features in quite a few worst signing articles
  3. Hopefully...no world Cup or anything to distract. Gotta get things done because other teams will definitely strengthen. Cant get left behind. We are way off City and Liverpool level but we need to keep up with others and be there again.
  4. Exactly..if we had scored when we had the chance or been better at penalties. Oh well..they had a ton as well..
  5. But the other games... Shame it didn't count for anything in the end. Need to step things next year. Be nice to be there again! Think take a while but hopefully can start in the right direction
  6. Tbf we forgot how to defend lol so that hasn't helped. But the other 2 we couldve..shouldve..oh well...
  7. Shame our players you have to look far far down
  8. I just think Real are so dodgy at the back whereas Liverpool strong attack..hopefully they can do it... 10 years since Aguero...then they do it in crazy time again. Salah and Son share the golden Boot..
  9. Wolves...that one pissed me off! First game for ages went with friends season ticket and then you could see it coming and bam. Hurrah this season ended lol!! Hopefully next be less annoying from our view. Son and Salah share golden Boot...
  10. Love a late winner..against already gone down Watford hmmmm. Oh well its a win! A home win!
  11. Let's hope so!!! K maybe get off the pitch?!?
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