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  1. Wow...such a amazing design... Plain been fine! Why add stripes. These kits are so ugly!
  2. AAAAAHAHAHHAHAHA WTF is that?!! Is it real?! Why? Who? How?!
  3. Since we last won the League in 2017.. we've finished 30 points behind..then 26..then 33..then 19..got closer last season lol. I dont see us winning it..think be another City/Man U battle..possibly Liverpool if get themselves together again. Be nice to be close at least and not down and out by Christmas!
  4. Can see it being another one of those nothing windows.. then be ooooh things have gone wrong. I dont think we have it in us to win the league.. hopefully proven wrong...see what occurs I guess.
  5. Yeahh hopefully silence because nothing in stone yet rather then because we are doing nothing at all..
  6. Finish top 4 without relying on others/some mad panic at the end! Win the FA Cup this time! 2 finals and 2 losses..be nice to win it again Super Cup...club world cup. They'll be nice too.
  7. So dumb..so so so dumb. If it had been pulled off would've been a amazing moment..unfortunately..why would you have someone who never takes penalties as the 5th?! Good to get that far though. Makes a nice change. Shame the headlines however are about the racism..why are people scum?!
  8. Really hope people don't go stupid now...they did well to get this far!!!
  9. Be surprised if Italy don't but missing some chances..soooo maybe..just maybe..not to be
  10. Really surprised how this is going!
  11. The video of him picking out the girl and giving her his shirt is lovely!
  12. And Boris has listed everything..see how this goes. Hopefully works out well! Esp if hospital cases are low
  13. United doing well. And will have players in for pre season. Good moves from them this time. See if it pays off.
  14. They're both so quick! Enjoying this. Shame one has to go out..iffy pen
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