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  1. Honestly thought they had a chance of beating our record..they looked so soild. Then they've lost once and gone on some mad spiral
  2. Been a while! Definitely a nice feeling!
  3. Shame for Werner but we did it! Been a long time coming. Need to keep keep going
  4. Stop going on how many they've lost!! Need that 2nd before they score...
  5. Where was Mendy off to?! I dont think Mount can run that fast
  6. Let's not start like this! Oh you have got to be kidding!!!
  7. Let's do this..pretty please!! No stupid turn around..win win
  8. Just dont do stupid things...keep this up..2014 is to long ago!
  9. Hopefully it'll change..maybe..be lovely...its very daft and costing lots of teams! Need that 2nd..then all be gooood.
  10. Hope we can hold onto this 2nd half...
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