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  1. Tbf they've won it 4 times in a row. Someone else's turn
  2. Can see them winning this.. if so...5 times in 7 attempt for 4th round. Bit shite.
  3. Did see on BBC we got to this round 6 times recently and gone out in 4 of them..
  4. I still think we'll compete but think Liverpool will edge it..Long way to go and all but they don't see to slow down. Saying that their problem is defence cant always outscore the other lot..hopefully
  5. Hopefully..its been a while since they've lost a game.
  6. You can only beat the team in front of you. Dont care if only Norwich weve been capable of being surprised by teams like them Lovely performance. Need to keep this going
  7. Penalty... Seems harsh in a way. Either that or fall on your face... And..saved
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