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  1. We need to come out and play to win this game. More intensity and focus from all players is needed.
  2. The significance of this game is massive. I feel if we win this game the huge momentum and confidence will surge us over the line to the title. If we lose the game then it could dent our momentum and confidence giving the chasing pack a sniff at the title. However I think a draw is most likely which still would be a decent result given that this is a high pressure derby match. Also our defence looked uncharastically vulnerable last match conceding two goals at home while Spurs are in good form as well atm. So realistically I see this match as a 1-1 or 2-2 result but I am hoping for t
  3. It's clear Conte is a genuinely humble person as opposed to Mourinho who is all about 'him' and his ego. God bless Conte for bringing out the best in Costa in terms of scoring goals and being more disciplined during the games.
  4. Hope Conte has something to say and work on in terms of our defensive concentration and organisation. Aollwing 2 goals at home to a shit team like Stoke is not good enough,
  5. Fuck! That's why we need a defensive organiser in the defence like a younger JT.
  6. We going to make it 13 straight! Happy new year to all the Blues fans around the world! KTBFFH!
  7. Parky


    Goodbye Oscar you surely won't be missed. Seeing you play for us almost made me go mad from frustration. Like watching a spoilt 6 year old trying to play football.
  8. Seriouly he has no respect for our club. His ego is everything and his comments about our team playing conservative defensive football is delusional. Conte's system and football is solid in both attacking and defensive movements something that the bitter old dinosaur could never achieve or even comprehend tactically.
  9. Fully deserves it and plus we get his commitment for a few more years to come!
  10. Im thinking he would suit the left CB role well as his strong, tall, good on the ball and marks/tackles well. Of course that's if we buy an world class LWB next summer.
  11. Hmm I see him more as a true #10 rather than on the wings. The guys is class though. I knew he had massive potential with his first pre-season with us until Jose isolated him and sold him off for having a bad attitude. MOFO!
  12. A loan to buy would probably be less risk especially at the price they're quoting. The guy has declined at RM but I still feel he has class and would be great if we employed a 3-4-1-2 system.
  13. Well he doesn't fit our current system so not as pissed off as before. Yea was watching the game and that fkn assist was sublime.
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