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  1. I think it's starting to be clear why Tuchel was never regarded as a top coach and why he was never rated by Bayern. A pony manager.
  2. I've spoke to Chelsea fans, who are still bitter about Lampard and feel Lampard should be still in charge, so they still haven't managed to fully appreciate Tuchel. I feel this will always stick with Tuchel, for the duration of the time he is here.
  3. Finally we have a proper manager at Chelsea. I'm still amused to this day we ever appointed Sarri and managed to trust a novice like Lampard, to take on such a big job. Thank fuck we moved on.
  4. I love the guy and I'm sure most do, but there's a good amount of our fanbase wishing Tuchel fails because of Lampard and they don't rate him highly.
  5. Our most hated manager since Benitez, yet has transformed our performances and is continuously getting the results. Our only mistake is not hiring him sooner.
  6. This guy is no Chelsea fan. Absolute liar.
  7. I am only 20 years old, so I don't remember Zola playing for us, but Hazard is the most talented player I've seen in a Chelsea blue shirt, such a shame he's leaving us but I must be grateful for everything he has done for us.
  8. Thank fuck this stinking mess of a manager, Sarri, is about to leave. Best news of the season.....Allegri/Lampard would be the dream.
  9. This 3rd spot is very similar to United getting 2nd spot last season. Everyone knows we aren't the third best team in England right now, and United weren't the 2nd best team last season. It all creates a false sense of security. United board believed in this 2nd spot and they paid the price, by not backing the manager, and I'm getting the impression we will pay the price because our board is inept and will probably keep Sarri.
  10. The fact that Arsenal and Tottenham's form in the league recently took a massive nose-dive, is the worst thing that could have happened to this football club. It's almost like that Kimpembe handball against United. A false friend. Now, we are stuck with mediocrity for the foreseeable future and it's not going to get any better. Everyone, who understands football, clearly knows we didnt "earn" top 4 this season or deserve to be in it but we were merely gifted it. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against being gifted something but when our entire team is a shambles, with an inept manager and o
  11. Sack Sarri ASAP after this season. The man is straight up clueless. Get in a manager, who will be able to make the most of our loaned and academy players.
  12. That was Hazard's greatest game in a Chelsea shirt.
  13. Sarri is a poison that needs to be extinguished this summer. Everyone's excuse is that Sarri needs time to build his own team with his players but with the transfer ban coming up, what hope do we have with this manager? Nothing. We need to bring in a manager that is able to work well with youth players and can build a good team from all our current players out on loan, with the ones we already have.
  14. Lampard in the summer would be ideal, especially with the upcoming transfer ban. He will integrate the youth well into our first team.
  15. Where are all those Sarri fanboys gone, who have been defending this cunt for past few weeks?
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