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  1. Frustrates me reading stuff like this. Way more up for grabs than just a trophy in this game. Confidence for the young lads. Franks first trophy as a manager. A positive end to what was a very hard season and a very depressing one at that. This is the FA Cup not the community shield.....
  2. IF we can defend well, we should win. KTBFFH! COME ON CHELS!!
  3. Steve


    Never said he was a good leader. He's just been there and done it. Where half these kids have not. Frank has spoken about this numerous times. I also don't see you in the changing room daily, so you wouldn't know what impact he has behind the scenes. You solely base that off what you see on the field. I'll take Franks' word for it. I'm also not saying I want him to stay. Don't get it twisted. I just think if Frank wants him to stay for a season then there is a reason behind it.
  4. Steve


    The only reason I can see anyone wanting to keep him on with us, would be for the part where Frank needs locker room leaders. I honestly don't see any other reason why we would be keep Willian on the list.
  5. Should have just then... Got to take them chances or at least get a foot onto it...
  6. What I said could not have been more clear in the game over the weekend. It was sickening to watch...
  7. You're missing one crucial thing here. We are missing players who have passion and leadership. We need players like our old core (Terry, Lamps, Drogs and Cech). Obviously that's not an easy task to find but that's what we are missing most. We can have the flashiest players in the world, but without passion we are going no where as a club.
  8. Nice to hear mate, how have you been? Might have to shoot Alex a message and see if he comes and joins. It's been a very long time mate, I don't think I've posted much since 2015. Hows it been here, it looks a lot more quite then it used to be.
  9. Hey all, just thought I'd come say hey! It's been a really long time since I've been on the forum, hope all is well. Is any of the old core still lurking around the forum these days?
  10. Another ridiculous challenge that wasn't necessary. You have cover to your right let alone it being in the opponents half. Stay on your feet and and just cover. Doesn't make any sense, that is stuff you learn as a teen. Hopefully Conte noticed, he is currently a liability.
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