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  1. Haha message me, whats a paywall
  2. Good article https://theathletic.com/2764275/2021/08/12/the-push-for-haaland-the-inter-u-turn-the-negotiations-how-Chelsea-brought-romelu-lukaku-back-to-stamford-bridge/?amp
  3. Let's go! Excited to see him back
  4. I can see some small bids coming in, whether or not he accepts terms on the other end is going to be the biggest issue in all of this. Selfishly, I can see why he wouldn't want to lower that wage too much and get the most out of the last part of his contract. Time will tell old friend.
  5. I agree, I'd prefer him to go if someone is willing to pay the wages he is going to want. The problem is I can't see that happening, so we might as well use him if Thomas sees something there. I am all for youth in the first team but I think he needs a season longer on loan, maybe some more prem experience similar to BG. A loan to Newcastle would be good if they promise he will get some minutes. But I don't think he's ready for our first team yet. His awareness of players around him was not great and I hope that was a fitness thing but it was very poor. High hopes for the young lad but
  6. I agree with all, but my point is, he played well and controlled the game. His ball movement was sublime and if TT see's something in him and can set him straight then I trust him completely. I'd prefer to see this performance over a terrible one. He would be back up and rotating in 4th position. I don't think we are going to go light in that area considering the injuries we had last season. On top of that he most likely wont feature in the team all the often, especially if we end up getting Declan. But I would prefer to have someone with Prem experience in such an important position pers
  7. Who cares who it was against this is the exact point of pre-season. He still controlled the game for large portions. I also did say "I would not be mad if he was squad player, and if not at least his value will go up a little bit.". This doesn't mean he has to play every game but he can start smaller cup games and have him there if needed. Are people forgetting he won a Premier League title alongside Kante? Sure he's probably not the same player he once was, it doesn't mean he doesn't know how to play.
  8. What do you mean? His calmness on the ball was good, alongside his vision to pick a pass. His control of the ball in pressure moments was there.. Either you didn't watch the game or you have never played before. I can't pinpoint which one it is because if you had you would see he did well. If he can do this week in and week out as he did at Leicester, I would not be mad if he was squad player, and if not at least his value will go up a little bit.
  9. Haha that's fair. Look 95 was a pretty rough year for a young lad to start watching football.
  10. Love seeing Tuchel telling Kai to get more central before the goal! What a time, all the hard times over the last 25 years of me supporting this club are worth it for moments like this.
  12. Just wanted to come on and send my love! CHAMPIONS OF EUROPE, WE'VE DONE IT AGAIN!!!! GET IN!!!!!
  13. Frustrates me reading stuff like this. Way more up for grabs than just a trophy in this game. Confidence for the young lads. Franks first trophy as a manager. A positive end to what was a very hard season and a very depressing one at that. This is the FA Cup not the community shield.....
  14. IF we can defend well, we should win. KTBFFH! COME ON CHELS!!
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