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  1. Mount is becoming a real player under Tuchel.
  2. Definitely a huge improvement over Lampard. The team now has a clear direction and play with passion and purpose. Even Tuchel body language is different. To other side I can't say I'm a big of this new style. Tuchel is looking more and more Mourinho minus the ego, but right now this team needs results more than anything.
  3. What do you guys think about CHO getting sub after only 30 minutes of football? I never like when a coach subs a player who didn't start the game.
  4. Now we do have a proper coach. 3 months is enough to see the coach's job is going anywhere, and it was clear not the case with the previous job, when the team was playing worse and worse and the season progressed.
  5. Guys, Lampard wont be sacked. Lampard was hired as part of Roman's strategy to look more "british friendly" after his UK vista woes. Its not a coincidence that out of nowhere we started throwing young english players into the first team, even before the transfer ban. Just take a look at how press is covering Chelsea. Since Lampard was hired the press is full of positive bias towards Chelsea, completely opposite from what we were used since Roman bough the club 17 years ago. Nobody is talking about crisis, or Lampard being under pressure. Lampard job is as safe as safe ca
  6. I was thinking about getting FIFA 21 until there isnt a proper next gen version for PES, but I gave up when I realized James looks terrible on FIFA, and they didn't fix his face in the next gen version. FIFA is a joke, they probably scanned the entire Liverpool squad to release promotional videos for the next gen version, while 90% of the game still has the same terrible faces from previous versions.
  7. Saved by VAR. That penalty would be a crime.
  8. I have to admit that I missed him when Havertz was playing on the midfield. Not only Mount is 100% useless on the wings, but right now he is playing better than Havertz. I'm not saying he is a better footballer than Havertz, but right now he is definitely a better fit for the team than Havertz, if we have to choose between the two, and I think this is the case right now, considering the quality we have elsewhere.
  9. After that horror show against a mediocre United I'm surprised about the teams performance and results in last games. Most important than that: Lampard finally found the ideal defense. No more Kepa shitshow, and the constant changing in the back 4 line.
  10. Hazard being a Real Madrid flop is perfect example why people are wrong when they say Conte was right when the dismissed Diego Costa. When a player lost his form after he leaves a team, moving for another team is usually the main reason why a player lost his previous form. There are many examples around, like Kaka moving to Real Madrid. I'm convinced Hazard still would be the best player in PL if he was still playing for us, the same way I'm convinced our 17/18 season would be much better if Costa was still playing for us that season. Hazard is not Real Madrid kind of player. Their squad
  11. I'm convinced he will keep his job no matter what happens this season.The days of firing managers after a bad run are dead in the water. Conte was fired because he thought he could enter in a fight with Marina, and that was a losing battle, but he survived during the worst period of 17/18 season. Sarri also had some results that would be enough to fire a manager in the past. Lampard's job is safe, specially because he understand the club's internal politics, he knows he is only the coach and he is not the one making the decisions, and it comes to your second sentence: Lampard didn't bring any
  12. I see, after reading the other posts you are just here finding excuses to justify "STF" decisions, to the point you have to say Zyech is getting plenty of opportunities, when in reality he is getting 10 or 15 minutes per game.
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