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  1. There is no difference, and we dont need to bridge any gap to City or Liverpool, we actually just beat City in a UCL final few months ago...and you can go from finishing 10th in a season to winning the league in another one. This squad is good enough to win PL, and Im pretty sure If the players were available, at this point the team would be sitting confortably at the top of the league. This team will finish inside top 4, and will win at least a major trophy this season.
  2. Some people never learn the lesson. Lukaku is a proven player, prolific goal scorer and a leader. In past years we already tried those player who were supposed to be the next big thing and were massive flops: Morata and Werner. Paying any money for a player like Silva from Bundesliga is a big mistake, since he will be just another Werner...but thats no surprise, months ago folks on this sub were saying they didn't want Messi because he would destroy "Lampard's project". LMAO
  3. Rudiger is a hero. What fans did to him months ago was unfair, but silenced his critics on the pitch. He is UCL winner wearing the blue kit.
  4. He didnt get a new hair cut, but he already looks like a little magician. Tuchel really gave life to Mount, he now looks like a proper player. One of my favorite of the current team, and he is a hard working dude who was playing in championship 2 years ago, he is not a despicable person like Neymar and guys like that who are more concerned in being instagram superstars and in individual prizes than playing football for the club.
  5. Marina is a legend. What she did in past years is 100% out of this world. Its laughable that once in a while some fools make some edgy negative statements about her.
  6. Thats why its important to take a break from some social media once in a while. I'm still enjoying the fina, and still trying to understand what just happened, then I what I find here is people discussing if we closed the gap to Liverpool. LOL Anyway, I'm glad we have a guy like Tuchel as the manager. He accepted the challenge, never complained about lack of quality and instead of trying to prove a point and develop players, he used the best players available. This guy is a hero, and unlike Di Matteo, he knows exactly what is doing. If we had players who could score more often this team w
  7. Its just an article wrote by salty Lampard's stan. He is angry because Reece is not playing every game, Odoi is always sitting on the bench, and Abraham and Gilmour are not even on the bench. It seems some folks didn't realize yet that we are not here do develop british players. Yeah, I used to believe Mount wasnt even a PL quality player, but I was wrong, he is really good and the only player from "Lampard project" that deserves to start every game. Reece is also another one that has a great future here, and is already starting some really crucial games. Odoi and Abraham are not good enough,
  8. Rudiger is a warrior and a winner. He has everything it takes to become a club legend.
  9. I'm starting to like this dude. He's been quite decent lately.
  10. YES! This team deserve UCL football.
  11. Mount is becoming a real player under Tuchel.
  12. Definitely a huge improvement over Lampard. The team now has a clear direction and play with passion and purpose. Even Tuchel body language is different. To other side I can't say I'm a big of this new style. Tuchel is looking more and more Mourinho minus the ego, but right now this team needs results more than anything.
  13. What do you guys think about CHO getting sub after only 30 minutes of football? I never like when a coach subs a player who didn't start the game.
  14. Now we do have a proper coach. 3 months is enough to see the coach's job is going anywhere, and it was clear not the case with the previous job, when the team was playing worse and worse and the season progressed.
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