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  1. That I can agree with. Will be hard to totally stick with a trio in a world cup year but I'd try and use four (for me assuming we sign no one else Sterling, Kai, CHO and Mount) for the bulk of the minutes and have a 5th (whoever out of the rest don't get their move) behind that.
  2. I mean, I wouldn't want Ake as our marquee defensive signing but if he's coming with MDL i wouldn't mind it too much. He ups the average age of our defense and it offers Colwill a realistic pathway if he deserves it.
  3. One of Ten Hag's first actions in his first United presser was to suck off Harry Maguire. They invested in Varane last summer and bizarrely are dead set in making Maguire work, CB is the last place they're investing in certainly for the price it would take for MDL.
  4. Inverted wingback Zinchenko/Milner style? In part it's me trying to convince myself we have a contingency plan to Chilwell that isn't Emerson or Kenedy but I also think he would work well there given how Tuchel likes the wingbacks to play.
  5. While you're right in what you're saying here about Ake, why is it different for Jesus and Arsenal who has been made available for exactly the same reason Ake has been?
  6. They've gone crazy ever since Wenger has left and they couldn't even overhaul us when we lost Hazard, had a ban and Lampard managing us. Spurs are one to watch if Conte gets them properly going but with Arsenal it's as you were, regardless of what we do.
  7. Mana banned for a year now and Arsenal still getting sucked off on here.....
  8. Our other CB will need to be an experienced one especially if we promote Colwill into the squad (which we should). If he's still as good as before Romagnoli on a free transfer would be a perfect solution for LCB.
  9. Seeing this thread reminds me of the sweeping statements made when our rivals were apparently going to leave us for dust by signing the likes of Bergwijn, Cedric, Bruno, Gelson, Ighalo and Pablo Mari in January 2020.
  10. Tbh I'm a little confused by the comparisons. From what I've seen of Raphina he likes to operate the half spaces whereas Ziyech is at his best when he's outwide launching heroballs into the box.
  11. Playing wingback is arguably the most attractive position in this team. Ofcourse out of possesion you have to track back and do your bit but in possesion you're almost a number 10.
  12. I'll go back to what I was saying last summer. If there's no one I'd rather wait. We must not panic and just look at the top line again. Furthermore if we go 433 I feel CHO, Kai and Sterling will be an excellent front 3. Callum will have his creativity (3rd for big chances created and key passes in the league last season) aswell as his natural chemistry with Reece on the right, Kai as false 9 and hopefully an improved goal record and Sterling as a much needed inside forward. Even in a back 3 we could still see that as lot as Mount can't play every game.
  13. It's going to be hilarious when Arsenal once again finish outside the top 4 and there's still excuses being made for Arteta.
  14. But then the likes of Fulham and Norwich getting "reward" money for finishing bottom and yo yoing between the two divisions has shut down the route to the PL for another dreamer club like Blackpool in 2010. Where's the line?
  15. Don't get me wrong I don't blame the club, I blame the system that heavily rewards such underachieving. Leeds shouldn't be in a position where they can turn down £60m for a player and West Ham defiently shouldn't be in a position to demand £150m for one.
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