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  1. But that already feeds in to what I was saying. There was always going to be an element of learning on the job but there's a difference between raw promise and the tactical cluster fuck we saw in those last two months. I think he did a very good job in season one and I would debate anyone on that but it was pretty clear he just didn't have it in for him for the next phase of the process, he was so wildly undercoaching our top talent.
  2. The sacking of Frank happened because there's levels as to what's acceptable even during rebuilds.
  3. Tomo


    He also didn't score against Arsenal in 21 games so it took until his 58th game involving Arsenal in some way to score.
  4. For all this talk of us being a poisoned chalice I think the total opposite, I don't think there's many if any clubs better equipped to build an era of success than Chelsea, the fact we haven't found that manager yet shouldn't distract from that. They arrive to the best academy in the world (in terms of volume of quality produced) and an owner who heavily backs them, that's pretty much the dream scenario for a manager. Yes ofcourse big results are expected but why they shouldn't they be? You shouldn't need X amount of season's to become good with these type of resources. And that's b
  5. Tomo


    In his position? Pedro.
  6. Liverpool are the big concern, as poor as they've been they can quite easily shit out a run us 10/11 style. Moyes and genuine expectations just don't mesh, as soon as WHU started getting seriously talked about for top 4 it was game over.
  7. Not sure why anyone is/was worried about West Ham. It's been obvious for weeks they don't have the bollox to see this through.
  8. Conte but that also makes me put my feet on the ground a bit as we know what happened there eventually. Although that said I'm a little more hopeful as unlike Antonio TT tends to end up on the right side of disputes more often than not and, most crucially, seems firmly self aware that that's an aspect of his character that needs fine tuning.
  9. Liverpool (when they were still a 70's points team) did them three times on the spin in 17/18.
  10. Tuchel simply has to do an LVG and bring Kepa or Willy on.
  11. I'm even more worried now (about a potential shootout in the final). He literally sat down again but thankfully Aguero didn't do his research
  12. This feels a bit like an after the lord mayor's show and dress rehearsal for a big event rolled into one, is a bit surreal.
  13. Yeah I made the post the other day that we needed to rotate in either this one or the Arsenal one. Good decision now City are doing the same.
  14. Tomo

    Eden Hazard

    Unfortunately I think the reality would be closer to Kaka and Sheva's returns to Milan. When was the last time a player lost form so spectacularly in their late 20s and came back?
  15. You say that but tourist are exempt from the stay at home rules there. Apparently White Hart Lane is a possible host, my god please let that he true.
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