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  1. Is this the Sancho signing that should have been done last summer?
  2. Hopefully the rumours Tuchel is doing a Klopp (number one or no one) is true.
  3. Players aren't that precious, Lampard kicked out David Luiz but that didn't stop his best mate coming here a year later.
  4. I'm actually against signing Rice as I don't think he's the profile of player we need (certainly not under Tuchel's system) but all these posts claiming every Tom, Dick and Harry are better just screams picking the fancy name just because.
  5. Is he actually better than Rice or is this another "Regullion/Telles > Chilwell" lite thing?
  6. From a trivial POV that goal Porto scored was irritating. Prevented us being unbeaten Champions and Mendy from getting the clean sheet record.
  7. Thinking back, apart from Tammy all our attackers had atleast one clutch goal en route to this trophy. Giroud had the winner in Rennes then the four goals in Spain to help us top the group then the winner against Atletico in the first leg. Ziyech gave us the crucial second of the tie against Leti. Mount scored the opener vs Porto and the tie sealer vs Madrid. Pulisic scored the opener against Real away. Werner scored in the second leg. Havertz ofcourse scored in Porto. Even Callum opened the scoring in two group games and who knows what would have happened ha
  8. If this happens we will be in the market for two keepers I'd guess. The third choice (hopefully) won't really matter much but the second choice we will need to get right with the ACON on the way. Idealistically Hradecky would fancy the gig but realistically Sergio Romero is probably the best choice, maybe Areola.
  9. Taking time off isn't just about physically resting from playing it's also about giving your mind a rest from the pressures. Even not playing they're still part of the preparation and in a position where they could be thrown into a high pressure situation at any moment. A break mentally is probably even more important this time round given the relentless schedule of the last year.
  10. He only has himself to blame signing that big new contract knowing Levy's lack of integrity.
  11. He's usually disappears in big games, the only difference between him in this Euro's and what we usually see is he didn't stat pad against Hungary.
  12. Even at right back he was often drifting into the half space (where Azpi got all his assists to Morata).
  13. This is exactly what I mean, apparently if you don't think he was world class you are "questioning him as a player". Why can't there ever be middle ground?
  14. I hope not but you can never rule out Pep teams especially going on mental winning runs. Even last year with a 'standard' title winning points total they broke the record for consecutive wins in all comps.
  15. And to add further to that, if City and/or Liverpool roll out beast mode again we'll have to keep up such a relentless pace to the point even one dropped game could prove fatal.
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