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  1. A year to the day on from that 4-0 aswell.
  2. My mistake I completely missed out this season before he was sacked. But the four season's before that he only lost one which was for PSG against Reims, never lost at home for BVB in the Bundi.
  3. Klopp home league loses in the last two months - 5 Tuchel home league loses with his last three clubs - 1
  4. He's 19. For example of that great Barca team under Pep that had a load of academy players in only Messi was a regular before 20 while Pedro, Puyol and Valdez didn't even make their debut until they were in their 20's.
  5. Says a lot about them that when it mattered the most we rolled them over. Story of Solskjaer's time there.
  6. We have a free midweek next week (before Leeds and Leti) then we have the SHU cup game which I guess he'll sit out.
  7. Tuchel playing his son Mount again, shameful!
  8. I know that formation causes controversy on here but I'm a big fan of it (I the appropriate player is up there) these days. As Liverpool have shown with an appropriate player playing that role it can be lethal.
  9. I initially read this post on the homepage and thought you were talking about league position.
  10. There's a reason teams keep having no shots on target when Mendy is between the sticks (happened under Lampard pre slump aswell). When teams are that solid defensively the keeper is always a big part of that.
  11. If you're going to add the "big six" then why aren't Wolves and Leicester there aswell? Both are better than Arsenal and probably Spurs, or is that because it means a further 3 goals and 3 assists are added?
  12. But given your main argument against Lampard was he didn't have the track record to look back on, surely you've on that basis got to give Tuchel until the very least the end of next season?
  13. He's like those scientists trying to stay one step ahead of virus mutation's but in his case working out our next manager change in advance and getting to work. Word is he's got a plane ticket to Leipzig ready for when lockdown ends.
  14. How many manager's is that now he's blackmailed?
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