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  1. On form Pulisic maybe, the version of late would have made it worse. Ironically the player we're missing in a tactical sense is Werner.
  2. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt it's first game jitters but Saul looks totally out of his depth.
  3. Thiago Silva's first game infront of a full Stamford Bridge crowd.
  4. Tomo


    Their transfer business is just so odd. If we look at awful transfer windows in hindsight (us in 2017, United under LVG to name two) there was atleast some logic towards the deals at the time and some hope it may work out, with Arsenal this window is such an obvious bust (unless they are actually embracing mid table). It's got even funnier with their new signing.
  5. Tomo


    Last year he wouldn't budge on his three year demand and now he's ripping up two years of it. This combined with the Maitland Niles comment and Ozil's tweet makes me wonder just how toxic Arteta is as a boss.
  6. The obsession of physicality and height over technique is what caused us to have a few years of 'transition' in the first place.
  7. Wow what a late twist this Is, City have signed Kane. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58393587 Biggest late deal of all time for me, especially when the swiftness of it is considered.
  8. As fantastic as a coach as Tuchel is his record in the market is historically sketchy, that plus the experience with Conte means I can understand why they're a little sceptical going all in on all his wishes.
  9. Because Tuchel doesn't rate him and gave his spot to an academy player.
  10. It's all well and good in theory but in reality players don't think like that, we benefitted from it when it came to Werner. He will be competing against those three in not just quality level but he will be swimming against the tide in terms of the chemistry they have.
  11. For the club, not for him. This is the one downside of having such top class established option/options in one area, no one of any note will come to play squadie, look at all the strife Spurs go through trying to secure a Kane backup/alternative for example.
  12. Like with Lamps last season Solskjaer is going to tie himself in knots trying to shoehorn all his attackers into the side.
  13. In a way these results they get is good. They won't win the league or UCL because Ole is not good enough in crucial moments but they will get enough results to keep him in a job. One less team to worry about if we're trying to win the league.
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