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  1. I'd be a bit apprehensive due to his age and the recent signings to the Prem from the Bundi but I'm honestly getting to the point I'll take Morata back if the trade off is getting shot of Rom.
  2. In hindsight Sancho should have done the Dortmund/Bayern route. I don't understand why English players don't want to settle abroad long term, now you could maybe say money but it was the same in the 90s when Serie A ruled. If I was a player unless playing for Chelsea was possible I'd 100% prefer playing in Spain/southern Italy.
  3. Cliche but I'll rather wait until he's had a proper run in the team before declaring that. I'd understand him not getting one if the other attackers are producing but despite everything he's still looked better than Pulisic with fewer chances. The closest he's had to one is this Autumn and (finishing aside) he was excellent and unless you count the wingbacks as such our best attacker during our best run of form performance wise for quite a while.
  4. His finishing is awful I can't defend him on that. Creative wise he's better than given credit for in my opinion, even THAT moment vs Brighton was neatly finding his way to Mount without an illegal interception. On a slightly related note remember when most of us were desperate to bring in his pal Sancho? Thankgod that didn't happen.
  5. Meh I'd rather get Maatsen back. Maatsen might be something, we know what we will get with Emerson and it will end up with Alonso being number 1 until the season end.
  6. Honestly, for a wingback and attacking super sub, I'd take Adama.
  7. Good. Only way back for him now is if he apologizes and starts putting the hard yards in (or produces enough to counteract the lack of workrate) but we all know his ego will get in the way.
  8. I've decided given all the negatives he brings to the set up a goal a game average (with a fair chunk in finals/UCL/big six clashes) is minimum requirement. No other way can his presence be even remotely justified.
  9. 4 weeks without a league game, usually I'd be hating it but this time the timing couldn't be more perfect. Spurs are the one team that's still conspired to lose comfortably to us through this rut so hopefully we can sign off with a win.
  10. Leicester have been beyond shit yet Patson Daka is still making a difference. How is that possible? I thought strikers can't score unless they're "fed properly".
  11. I've just thought if he scores against Plymouth he's so going to do a Maguire vs Albania and cup his ears, isn't he?
  12. It got boring yes but even then there was still the tactical intrege to it, with Lukaku we basically play like Stoke. The most frustrating thing is style wise it's fixable literally by dropping Lukaku, the Liverpool game and the autumn run quite clearly show that. That alone won't put us on par with City but if we're really that far behind them then doesn't that give us all the more reason to play more enjoyable football? (Not to mention that style has proved effective in the cups and we still have four of them in play). Lukaku is like a player version of Mourinho, ie given his bagga
  13. The hardest thing to accept right now is the football, it's so poor only a win gets us anything good out of it. Under Sarri results were so so but there was atleast some intrege due to us transitioning to a possession based team. Under Frank in season 1 pre lockdown the results weren't great but the majority of the games were fun. Drawing to Burnley in November was annoying but the game was so good to watch i wasn't even that pissed. The football we play now is dreadful, I've been to see our next FA Cup opponents a few times this season when we don't clash with them (live near atm) a
  14. Sarri would have froze him out and Conte would have given us our money back. Our best hope now is PSG panic and want a guaranteed stat padder to replace Mbappe.
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