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  1. dont want to be negative but its game over. The ref has wasted this game - not watching the second half.
  2. hate watching Chelsea play teams that sit back with 6 or more - such a boring game until we score then at least it opens up. just need that 1st goal
  3. such a shame M.K hasnt got shooting boots ! he would be an all around player then.
  4. i mean't because am in the UK it doesnt work. - works perfect using tor browser so thats fine for me.
  5. works fine in tor - must be because i was in the UK.
  6. thanks but none of working for some reason. could it be blocked in the UK maybe
  7. cant get any of the streams to work anywhere ;(
  8. Will this be live anywhere to watch?
  9. mateo kovacic isnt with it tonight! could have been a second
  10. still not cleberating even that its been given am sure the FA will take that goal back in the 89th min
  11. Every player is been so poor today
  12. I can’t pick one player who is playing well!!
  13. It’s like playing Burnley. Boring as fuck 10 men back
  14. Top 4 is over. Europa league it is why on earth do we do 20 odd passes with out defence ? Always gets us in the shit to. Also mason mount was crap today should have been off at half time. Kante where was he!!!
  15. Am sure someone in Chelsea have a big bet on a nil nil draw. It’s like we don’t care
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