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  1. Werners first touch is shockingly bad. and lives for being offside. He is not made for Chelsea which is a shame but you can see there is a good player there just not for Chelsea. if he went to somewhere like liverpool some with Pulisic they would be on fire.
  2. i dont care its a preseason game - that was shocking! We cant score for shit! lets hope TT is hiding something and brings it out on the 6th
  3. i cant see where our goals are coming from this season I cant see Michy Batshuayi Timo Werner Christian Pulisic Hakim Ziyech Kai Havertz Broja Sterling Mount CHO On paper them players should run wild but of them are natural goal scorers and that worries me for this season. None of them are 10 + goal players
  4. anyone know the best Chelsea 11 for this season? i dont.
  5. We are not made for 4 4 3 never have been since conte took over and left. I know its a friendly and all about minutes but this is the same as all of last season up front just clueless. I loved timo in germany but something has changed - he has lost it we have no cover up front - no forwarders who you think as soon as they get the ball something will happen.
  6. sorry but Saar is not a first team player. watching him last year, i know he was free but he hasnt got it for the prem.
  7. Chelsea playing poor aside, arsenal look sharp! why has he played 4 3 3 all pre season?
  8. We just cant score again. we were the same under frank towards the end, we cant score lately.
  9. dont want to be negative but its game over. The ref has wasted this game - not watching the second half.
  10. hate watching Chelsea play teams that sit back with 6 or more - such a boring game until we score then at least it opens up. just need that 1st goal
  11. such a shame M.K hasnt got shooting boots ! he would be an all around player then.
  12. i mean't because am in the UK it doesnt work. - works perfect using tor browser so thats fine for me.
  13. works fine in tor - must be because i was in the UK.
  14. thanks but none of working for some reason. could it be blocked in the UK maybe
  15. cant get any of the streams to work anywhere ;(
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