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  1. Can we now just all agree that Chalobah is simply not up to the required levels? I like the man, but not good enough i am afraid. Come on Chels, extra time!!!
  2. Jesus, another deluded left winger who wants to see evil everywhere. If they suck they suck, regardless of the colour of their skin. Gee that agenda is so tiring at times.
  3. This, exposing your double standards once again and your clear agenda against Mason. If Mount scores a tap-in, the assist giver did 99% of the work, but when Ziyech scores tap-ins, you praise his goal return. It's one or the other my friend.
  4. He's a Youtube player, will make a wonderful pass or a great goal, after 10 absolutely horrendous misses. He's very decent off the ball and presses relatively well, but we can (and should) certainly expect more from him on the ball. Inconsistent is the word for his ball usage I guess. @NikkiCFC, a player can score a goal and still have had a pretty shitty performance. The goal will "save" the day for the player, but it does not mean that the bad performance did not happen. It's funny what you mentioned about the Newcastle game and the disallowed goal, him hitting the post and whatnot
  5. @NikkiCFC, @Milan and all the others, could you please not spoil the other games? Some people including myself wait for the surprise when we watch MOTD at night; and i already got spoiled on 3 games in the first few pages of this thread. This should only be the Chelsea game, please. Thanks :).
  6. Yeah, i'm sure it's not something our 20+ physios are looking at when picking a line-pup, get a grip please. "All of our midfielders are out of form. Lukaku efect." Wut?
  7. I can't remember seeing another central defender with that much composure on the ball, he is simply outstanding. If only we had signed him a few years before.
  8. You did not say that yourself, but fair to assume this is something the club values and one of the reasons we're after him. I tried to look for that stat on whoscored but could not find it, do you have a link you could share? When he was playing at Bordeaux, he was what, 19/20? A defender is never a finished product at that age and mistakes happen. Azpi, TS, AC, they all made mistakes at some point and that does make them bad defenders automatically. I have not watched those games against Barca and Real so i don't know. Maybe he just had bad games and the few games you've seen of him did
  9. @Magic Lamps, care to illustrate or give examples? And just NO, you can't praise a CB for being progressive with his runs and passing while at the same time blame him if a pass is intercepted or if he looses it, you can't have it both ways.
  10. Such as? I'll wait for your answer, but my first impression is that you're just blowing hot air.
  11. Come on, don't play the smartass. If you're not trying to convey any message message on Mount, why would you post this stat here? Actually and to answer your question, YES. Christensen's games, 200, 0 goals Chalobah's games 2, 1 goal If you went to Christensen's topic and said something like this, you have to admit the underlying message is negative or at least that's the way other members will interpret your post, especially if they already know your stance on that player (in this case that Mount does not assist enough from open play).
  12. For god's sake @NikkiCFC, will you stop? I thought you had finally come to peace with Mount's input. Willian recorded 3 assists last year against Fulham, so, he's better too?
  13. He was being sarcastic, just saying.
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