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  1. Yeah that's the theory, not what i am seeing on the pitch.
  2. Yeah Keppa had nearly no save to make. I also felt him really nervous with his distribution, sent it long rather than short on several occasions he could easily have. Mendy really more comfortable with short passing when Keppa was praised for this aspect of his game. Not criticizing him (he kept a CS after all); but i would not go as far as saying he was SOLID.
  3. Another great game from him. Just can't understand how this lad can get some stick by some of our fans (and England's fans), this guy is an absolute beast! Honestly people not rating him are clueless about football.
  4. How can your assessment of his game be so far off from reality? Most people here saw a MOTM performance. I think the best thing you could do at this point is aknowledge you have a huge bias against Mount and work on that or you'll just suffer as a Chelsea fan for the next 10 years because trust me, he's here to stay.
  5. Gutted for Pulisic, must be so frustrating for him .
  6. Zouma is not elegant on the ball that's for sure, but how many times did his technical limitations actually cost us? He just had a few mistakes recently but that's the exception rather than then norm. His passing isn't beautiful, but it's actually not THAT bad as some people (you among others) are trying to make it look. Tomori or Christensen for instance have had far more technical mistakes than Zouma.
  7. He's so mentally weak, i can see him fail tremendously at Juve and go back to a spain mid-table next season.
  8. During the Brighton pre-match presser, Lampard hinted at Tomori not giving his 100% in training. At least that's how i understand the below. “There’s nothing specific I want him to improve, all I want him to do is work hard, show the work ethic he’s shown me at Derby and for major parts of last season".
  9. Wrong translation.. "Tomori and another player that is NOT Giroud".
  10. Unbelievable he would come back overweight from off-season, AGAIN. Especially after a first disastrous season in Madrid. I just can't get my head around the fact he is not doing everything he can to give himself a chance to really succeed in his dream club. Such a shame Eden
  11. He's the real deal. Very strong, aggressive defensively (attacks the ball carrier) and great at tackling with both feet (prefers standing tackles). Not an amazing passer aka Fabregas, but more than decent and can certainly pick a pass. Also has great positional awareness from what i've seen. The fact that he's a natural leader and a Chelsea fan is also a huge bonus
  12. I invite you to go read the first few pages of his thread to refresh your memory. Your own post, i quote: "Welcome Danny. I think he is going to be useful additon and depth option to our squad, nevermind being english. However his quality, it says alot Leicester was looking for improvement over him for two years now in Silva. He is decent player, nothing more. I dont expect him to do anything beside basic, but he is reliable and used to PL, so he will hold his ground hopefuly. Still kudos for choosing us and accepting side role. But 35m pounds for a player thats neither alrea
  13. About the fans being excited on transfers then blaming the board if they fail, it was more a general observation on some fans, and not directly directed at you. Morata/Lukaku were the only good strikers available, very little wiggle room that summer.. For Drinkwater that's not true. Most of the fans aknowledged he was overpriced, but a proven PL player that could fill the gap and the do the job as a squad player. Nobody could predict his complete and utter downfall. But in essence i do agree with you that this was not a good signing by the board. So basically the club needs to sign o
  14. Kepa was a flop. Morata was a flop. Baka flop. Wont even go with Drinkwater. Emerson didnt fill the expectations. Barkley was a weird signing too. Zappacosta pointless. Jorginho didnt reach expectations. Rudiger didnt reach expectations. But you can't do that can you? It is really unfair to judge in hindsight. It is so easy to look back and say X or Y was a flop or did not live up to expectations. People blaming the board when they were excited at the time of signing is really hypocritical IMO. There is always a risk about every transfer not working for an array of reasons. So ever
  15. Thanks for taking the time to argument and provide a thorough answer. Ok i think i understand the point you're making, which is why did the club prioritize attacking signings instead of dealing with the more obvious aera to improve which is the defense, fair enough. I do see a few contradictions in your post, and i am going to get into details why i think the club's strategy makes sense, so far. "New GK, massively improve defence, buy prolific striker and replacement for Willian: a rotational RW so it doesnt hinder Odoi progress but adds depth." Prolific striker: i imagine
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