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  1. I can't remember seeing another central defender with that much composure on the ball, he is simply outstanding. If only we had signed him a few years before.
  2. You did not say that yourself, but fair to assume this is something the club values and one of the reasons we're after him. I tried to look for that stat on whoscored but could not find it, do you have a link you could share? When he was playing at Bordeaux, he was what, 19/20? A defender is never a finished product at that age and mistakes happen. Azpi, TS, AC, they all made mistakes at some point and that does make them bad defenders automatically. I have not watched those games against Barca and Real so i don't know. Maybe he just had bad games and the few games you've seen of him did
  3. @Magic Lamps, care to illustrate or give examples? And just NO, you can't praise a CB for being progressive with his runs and passing while at the same time blame him if a pass is intercepted or if he looses it, you can't have it both ways.
  4. Such as? I'll wait for your answer, but my first impression is that you're just blowing hot air.
  5. Come on, don't play the smartass. If you're not trying to convey any message message on Mount, why would you post this stat here? Actually and to answer your question, YES. Christensen's games, 200, 0 goals Chalobah's games 2, 1 goal If you went to Christensen's topic and said something like this, you have to admit the underlying message is negative or at least that's the way other members will interpret your post, especially if they already know your stance on that player (in this case that Mount does not assist enough from open play).
  6. For god's sake @NikkiCFC, will you stop? I thought you had finally come to peace with Mount's input. Willian recorded 3 assists last year against Fulham, so, he's better too?
  7. He was being sarcastic, just saying.
  8. Shitty post after shitty post. This will be my last answer to you. There is a clear distinction between being a fan and making the best decision career wise (not saying he did though). Look at the recent examples of Bates and Livramento, who went to Leeds/southampton respectively. Safe to assume they're Chelsea fans and not leeds and southamton fans, right? I'll let you connect the dots by yourself.
  9. Do your research before posting bullshit, please? There has been plenty of documentation regarding why his 2017 transfer has fallen out, namely disagreements between the club and Raiola. Just go watch the youtube video where he visits Stamford bridge when he was like 14-15, and tell me straight in the face that he is not a Chelsea fan. Yeah so? You can have a favorite club and still cheer for a different club in a different country.
  10. And honestly, the negativity around here is getting tiring, the fan base will never be happy about anything it seems. We are rumoured to sign one of the hottest CB prospects, he's weak, and a "dwarf" to some. We are rumoured to sign a striker in his prime which destroyed the Serie A last year and the year before, and we are apparently signing a Torres bis. Please let the board do their job and trust it is the best decision they can possibly make. We fans can never have the full picture, so we have no other choice than trust the process. And it's not like we're Spurs or Arsenal f
  11. What's the matter with you? Everybody knows he was a Chelsea fan growing up. You don't change the team you support just like you freaking change socks.
  12. No, just Vesper and R2D2 doing Vesper and R2D2 stuff.
  13. I don't think the issue they're having is cash flow related (they just received this huge loan), but rather has to do with FFP compliance. They can register the profit on Hakimi's sales in this year's 2020 financials if they sell before July 1st. They bought him last year for around €40M on a five years contract, so his current book value is €32M. If they sell him for €80M they can register a €48M profit this year and balance their books. I have not followed Inter's financial situation but assuming they registered losses the previous 2 seasons, this could allow them to book a profit this
  14. But you don't know that Marina fucked it up on the previous italian travails as you call them. That is completely speculative and that is what i am pointing out. I would recommend you go back to what you posted. To say that italian clubs have Marina on a leash is just... i'll let you decide what word you want to put there.
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