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  1. It's the same players we had all season. What did you expect? We knew they weren't good enough. Can only pass backwards.
  2. Can't blame TT our players are thick as shit and basically useless
  3. Didn't take Jorginho to resume normal service
  4. Sometimes you get what you deserve and we are getting it sadly. Giroud coming on
  5. Bring Giroud and CHO on ASAP. Havertz and Ziyech off
  6. Yeah he looks dogshit at the moment. I remember thinking he would be immense. Can only seem to pass backwards
  7. Absolute garbage. Alonso being flagged for offside is trolling big time from the linesman. Need a fucking injection of urgency and skill at half time.
  8. Souness has been good this evening. Glad we pulled out of SL. Now let's smash Brighton
  9. Massive rotation needed and now we have painted a massive target on our backs. Every non-SL team will relish beating us to rub our noses in it. As @Magic Lamps said why the fuck announce it now. Why not wait until the season is done. On top of that Mou gone from Spuds 6 days before their Final. The same as Levy did 20 years ago.
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