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  1. People are saying Gylfi from Everton. Reading more into it - it seems like the player was messaging an underage girl. So probably a 15yr old pretending to be 20 years old or something, like Graham Rix fell foul of. It happens and with filters and Instagram you have no idea how old the person you are talking to is.
  2. Off topic but an International player in Manchester has been arrested for child sex abuse allegations. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/breaking-premier-league-footballer-arrested-24571071 Sad sad world
  3. So this is what it feels like to be a Spurs fan (minus the trophies of course)
  4. Would prefer this to Lukaku
  5. I honestly can't stand Lukaku. He is pretty average IMHO. First touch of Andy Cole and relies on pace, which is the first thing to go...
  6. Exactly we just need someone who can stick away 1 in 3 chances. Not 1 in 6 or 7 like we currently have
  7. But won't they both keep fucking off for AFCON or whatever its called now.. could really hurt us at crucial parts of the year
  8. Players don't always adapt to the EPL. I would rather a tried and trusted player IMHO. Not saying he won't be great- but it's a risk.
  9. Yeah, Jorginho just frustrates me though. He can't tackle and just gives up and picks up silly yellows and gives away silly free kicks. He has improved massively under TT - but still feel he is our achilles heel...
  10. He hates the press too - I don't blame him. I also hate them.
  11. We need a good window of selling the dross hanging around the club So many bit part useless players on our books - massive clearout needed. We should definitely get Rice though and move Jorginho on. Edit: I have confidence Timo will come good and Havertz will score plenty. Wouldn't mind Haaland next season if he doesn't leave this season. Feel we are writing Timo off too early. Look at Suarez first season.
  12. The DM hate us and Roman. Since the new owners took over the DM it has gone awful
  13. I remember when Glenn Hoddle predicted we would win. I laughed to myself. I'm not laughing now. Unbelievable. We have 2 CL trophies and other London clubs - zero!!! Let that sink in...
  14. Yeah imagine if the forums had still been down
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