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  1. Everyone involved in this club can fuck right off. We can't even go 120 minutes of a fucking fotball match without some bullshit drama. Just carpet bomb the whole club and be done with it.
  2. This whole CHO saga is everything I hate about football.
  3. I wish people would stop bringing up Drogba in this thread. Drogba was an anomaly. How many player besides Drogba do you know who became as good as him in such a short time like Didier did?
  4. You can't even begin to imagine how good I feel about not having to watch this cunt play for our club anymore.
  5. We gotta send Milan a card or something. First they save us from Torres and now potentially Bakayoko as well.
  6. You do realise you're posting stuff from last summer, right? At least give us your sources if you're gonna post such rubbish.
  7. You don't even have to look further than Chelsea, really. We had Eduardo as our 3rd keeper for 2 (?) years and he didn't play a single competitive match lol.
  8. Hudson-Odoi is primed for Birmingham or some shit, mate.
  9. That's how you score goals, Morata.
  10. We spent 40m on a guy we're still not even sure is a professional footballer. Liverpool spend 55m on the reason that made our failure of a transfer look like a professional footballer. Lmao
  11. Good game yesterday. Now watch him talk about leaving Chelsea in the next 2 weeks or so.
  12. Willian doesn't even touch Mata's status at Chelsea. Mata was the shining hope in one of the craziest season in our history, a two-time POTY, and - of course - part of that magical night in Munich. Willian's greatest achievement at Chelsea on the hand is being the least bad player in our worst season in 2 decades.
  13. It was an obvious goal scoring opportunity See below. That's the rule. If Jones had jumped Hazard from behind or done something similar it would have been a red, however.
  14. The foul on Hazard for the penalty wasn't a red card. Read the rulebook, guys.
  15. Imagine starting 7 defensive players in a cup final. Not even Mourinho was this defensive. Hell, we didn't even start 7 defensive players in Munich exactly 6 years ago ffs.
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