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  1. I know.. What I was saying was, if only we could create that many chances with Lukaku.. Could be a goal fest!
  2. We were creating 6 or 7 clear chances a game before we bought Lukaku, now only one or two per game and our passing isn't as sharp anymore. Let's hope we get back to normal soon. If only Lukaku could get all those chances.. :0)
  3. If he could just have as many chances as Timo had been getting.. 4 or 5 per game?
  4. No mention of Trevoh Chalobah. I just saw him say that, what an idiot. He said, if one of our defenders get injured we have no one to replace them..
  5. Mostly the people on red cafe are reasonable.. They let other supporters on there and have really interesting conversations.. I like it. :0)
  6. He can't control the ball, decision making is awful and he misses 80% of the chances he gets..
  7. Anjorin played really well, Sarr is bloody awful..
  8. I'm sure he has had the vaccine, it doesn't really seem to stop anyone getting the virus though does it?
  9. It's better than him being in the middle and the opposition just running past him while he looks at the ball.
  10. Our defence has gone back to the old (Frank) days.
  11. Benfica have got a few players that are so comfortable on the ball... We only have Mount atm.. :0(
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