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  1. It's better than him being in the middle and the opposition just running past him while he looks at the ball.
  2. Our defence has gone back to the old (Frank) days.
  3. Benfica have got a few players that are so comfortable on the ball... We only have Mount atm.. :0(
  4. Where on earth did you get that from... I like him immediately
  5. "Rashford is vastly better than Pulisic, btw, IMHO would swap him for Pulisic in a nanosecond....." I wouldn't, I think Puli is much much better.. If only he could stay fit.
  6. Not too bad, we could have scored a couple more..
  7. Just let Jack shoot whenever he wants.
  8. Ummmmm.... Yes we do. And all the rest :0)
  9. We do look really sluggish again though.
  10. Blimey, that James Maddison goal just now.
  11. And Ben concentrates for the whole game.. He gave the ball away twice in really dangerous positions lately..
  12. They are on the other fans forums.. :0)
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