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  1. At least we aren't signing him..
  2. I would say our fan base is bigger than. Arsenal's..
  3. Do clubs buy players on a Sunday.. Or can I stop checking my phone?
  4. He hasn't got any better since he was 8.. Stayed exactly the same, no ambition. Sadly
  5. That is a bargain.. Why aren't we interested?
  6. The referee had the biggest impact, he was dreadful. Also really fat and unfit, he couldn't keep up with the game
  7. We rush to the final third, stop and pass backwards. So predictable so boring..
  8. I like it.. If we can beat spuds 3 times in a row that would be brilliant...
  9. I would love the same side that played Liverpool.. Haven't seen our side trying that hard for a really long time. Hope we can play like that again but with no silly mistakes..
  10. That second Leicester goal was fantastic..
  11. Not forgetting that massive shortcut Lewis took earlier in the race to get in front and no penalties at all..
  12. This is dire.. Why can't we keep the ball, we seem to have given up..
  13. Kai is better to have as a forward, better than Lukaku
  14. We got a lucky break having this suspended.. Hopefully our manager will be furious, we are terrible so far, all over the place.
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