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  1. it's back https://twitter.com/casablues/status/1214149340635291650?s=20
  2. Can't wait to see the faces of everyone here when we challenge for the title next year.
  3. Who knows, Lampard might even be able to convince Hazard if the transfer ban is maintained..
  4. Surely we can put in a sneaky 125M bid with the Hazard money to activate his clause as well and give him something to think about ? If we get Griezmann then isn't that a great Hazard replacement from a collective stand point ? Making us a better team overall with a great finisher and team player ? Meh what am I saying, dude is leaving for lack of trophies, we aren't even arsed to mount a half title challenge these days, why would he pick us over Barcelona Would be a shame if we don't knock the door at least though.
  5. 4th doesn't play qualifiers anymore either. It will let us play an eventual EL final with way less pressure though, for sure.
  6. Oh and aren't they speeding things up just so that they get Hazard in the promo pics before he signs for Madrid ?
  7. I personally love it, very unique. A Chelsea football kit doesn't always have to be plain blue with a light strip somewhere ( although it's always class when it's the case ), a bit of creativity is good and well, the more money Nike makes out of it the better it is for us in the future so whatever. Nowadays just get us a good coach and good players and I can even do with a plain red home shirt.
  8. We can outdo Arsenal by Goal Difference as well. Burnley tomorrow has instantly become the most important game of the season. We just can't let this one slip up.
  9. Have to admit I'm happy with the way we set up today, no dellusional possession cravings, playing for the win. Still deservedly one defeat away from the sack but at least he will have got the fanbase and club's attention with this first half. Maybe a first step on the wya of changing his approach to last on this football club, just sad that it took him multiple spankings to do so. Sent from my INE-LX1 using Tapatalk
  10. Not arsed to copy paste it all so here is my opinion on the bloke in full
  11. People faulting players for their commitment to the cause. Azpilicueta ? Really ? Fans need to make a difference between a player struggling in a rotten system and who is himself making the system weak. Azpilicueta and Alonso respectively are two perfect examples for that. But blaming Azpilicueta for not showing enough hunger is absolutely moronic.
  12. Moroccan here. Amazing left food, great technique and decent work rate for a player of his profile. A bit inconsistent however, Real Madrid last week was probably the first big game where he lived up to his reputation. Morocco were more or less good in the world cup ( aside from some naivety and lack of experience ) but he hasn't been one of our star performers, which was a bit deceiving for me. Also got some doubts on whether he can play as a winger in the Premier League, not the strongest guy you will see, if he comes here his best position will be behind the striker o
  13. Thought that was very weird from him, they are actually friends.
  14. I respect Sarri for sticking to what brought me here in the first place, you can't put that on him. Ultimately, it's a casting error by the board, you can't have a weak squad with limited characteristics and bring a manager who will force them to adapt because he wants to play like prime Barcelona. Only two ways from here, you either stick with him, prepare for another season without champions league and bring the right players for his system in the next two transfer windows or you sack him now, do some damage limitation and get a budget result oriented manager first thing in the su
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