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  1. Chelsea never sign my favorite players lol I’ve been with this man since his Inter days. My fucking son will be in a Chelsea kit next season - these are genuine tears man.
  2. Love the mentality of Ruben deciding to stay at Chelsea. He will get so much guidance and tutelage under Sarri training under him the entire season. And 2nd - with Europa league, I have no doubt he will get playing time and first team starts.
  3. I had all the faith Maurizio Sarri would come and bin this man. Need Milan to buy him outright next season, one of the worst purchases I've ever seen alongside Danny Drinkwater. Goodbye and good-riddance.
  4. Still can't believe we signed my son Mateo Kovacic. Chelsea really signed one of my favorite players in footy. Time for Sarri to fix Kovacic after Zidane ruined his development. Madness incoming this season.
  5. @OneMoSalah Marcelino plays a 442, so he needs many strikers for his system, around 3/4. In Sarri's system - the number of 1v1s that will be generated and the ability to be a fox in the box Batshuayi would have banged for us. And easily become our #1 strikers by November. His contributions per 90mins remains to be off the charts even dating back to his time at Marsielle. And his xG per shot also remains ridiculously high. If you want to hold Batshuayi to the limited run-ins he got, I got twice the amount of tape of Morata shitting up the joint - the sooner we move from him the better.
  6. So pissed we didn't sell him to Milan when we had the chance. Was done with this man after he missed a hat-trick of 1-on-1's against Arsenal. Will never challenge on the big stage with Morata leading the line - I've never seen a striker who has such limited shooting technique.Every shot from Morata has to be inside right-foot, it's so frustrating. Was hoping we would have signed Gonzalo Higuain when we were heavily linked from him. Shame.
  7. A new journey is upon us tomorrow. Bring on SarriBall
  8. In the minority here, but I’ve always been a supporter of Courtois. Man has been a fantastic GK for CFC. Just because he’s not a yer da ‘ blind loyalist shouldn’t lead to people acting like he wasn’t a Top GK for us. Let him go to Spain and be with his family, that's obviously at the heart of his refusal to extend his contract. People forget, but at the end, Cech was very shaky dealing with crosses, FKs & corners. TBO stepped in and showed A1 command of his penalty area. Admittedly, he hasn’t pulled off many “iconic” performances like Cech, DDG or even Atletico TBO, but he’s been sol
  9. Yeah I agree with you and @Tomo on that.
  10. I wasn’t clear enough I’m afraid. Im under the same assumption that CFC are hiring Sarri, and that Martial will he used as a ST/LW and Morata will force through his move to Juventus. Martial isn’t a RW, but Leon Bailey is sitting right there for Chelsea to snap up and If Willian leaves then Pedro will be kept i assume. Basically this is what I think we look like. Hazard/Martial——Batshuayi/Martial——Bailey/Pedro.
  11. My compromise is this, next season at most only one of Willian or Pedro should be at chelsea. At most. If we have both come August, we riot.
  12. I highly doubt we can attain Martial without letting go of Willian. That's the only way United could justify selling him within the league imo, because they'd be getting a "proven" commodity in Willian. We know Willian talked to Mourinho + United last summer, so I think it's only logical that it would be a Martial/Willian swap deal.
  13. Minute that match ends vs Newcastle United, I expect him on the first plane to Las Palmas. Should not be anywhere near the team next season.
  14. I highly anticipate Chelsea switching to a 433 next season, but even then......Fabregas' influence needs to be limited next season. The way Conte used him last season was most ideal. He was predominately on the bench, and used very sparingly. Football is all about athleticism + pressing, and hiding Fabregas's defensive deficiencies is getting harder and harder to do. Seeing reports chelsea want Jean-Michael Serri, and if that's the case, then Fabregas' time here at Chelsea may be drawing to a close. Not sure who will take him though with his age/high wages and with his contract due to ex
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