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    • Apologies for not putting my point over well enough. I was thinking about the hiring of any young, inexperienced manager at a top club, not just Frank at Chelsea. If a club is going hire such a manager, then, as I said before, they have to give that manager time to learn from their mistakes and failures and see if they can turn things around. If not, then no top club should ever hire young managers.        
    • But that already feeds in to what I was saying. There was always going to be an element of learning on the job but there's a difference between raw promise and the tactical cluster fuck we saw in those last two months. I think he did a very good job in season one and I would debate anyone on that but it was pretty clear he just didn't have it in for him for the next phase of the process, he was so wildly undercoaching our top talent.
    • Disagree completely. Why give someone out of their depth who had us sitting like 8th and looking progressively worse than we did the previous season, after spending 250 mil on players who were significantly better than what we had the season beforehand more time? Just to make us even worse? The players weren’t particularly happy either with the lack of tactical instructions or high level of training as well as his inability to react in games before it was too late as well as blaming players and taking no responsibility with if various sources are to be believed. Plus there was tension between him and the club after a poor January and his insistence on a big money move for Declan Rice after spending near 300m with 0 obvious signs of improvement. Just look at his mentality regarding us as well how many times did he say “we aren’t title challengers” this season when people were talking us up based on our squad whicu is the second best in the PL for depth effectively? Look at the difference in the group now we have someone who is willing to say we can win this and this or that. Or even when we go a goal down the reaction is night and day.  Tuchels already effectively said we can win the CL after beating City twice and he wants to be a title challenger next season. We would of been lucky to close the gap as it was at that stage in the season with Frank, probably, ok no probaly about it, 100% would be out of the CL and FA cup as well as nowhere near top 4. We would of been where Arsenal or Spurs were/are, who kept/have retained their managers too long and look how thats worked for them.  This giving managers more than 18 months time is a thing of the past if things aren’t going well at most clubs in Europe who want to be successful, yet alone without considering our track record for it with bigger and better managers. I dont see how anyone could see how Lampard could have achieved half of what Tuchel has done since January. Obviously his legacy as a player will always be held in the highest esteem here but as a manager he had 2 runs where we went unbeaten in the 18 months he was here and that was it. Finishing 4th with our squad last season was celebrated as a major major success by many outside of the club in the media because it was Frank and we lost Hazard but I still think its no less than what anyone worth their salt should have achieved (Allegri, Sarri, whoever we could have got of a reasonable level) and we also should of finished above United considering we had a 12 point cushion after the first 4 or 5 months of that season and blew it almost going to the last game or two.  I am baffled that anyone thinks he should have been given more time. 
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