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  1. Can he play as a winger?
  2. Can't we just ship him to china or something Or I don't know, shut his mouth off forever.
  3. Just leave finally. You're just an arrogant twat, and you're not even as good as some seem to think.
  4. Nah, he got found out in the last few days of the serie A this season. He should have tweaked the system a touch and he would've won.
  5. This will be interesting. A little bit naive as managers go, which is why he never won the serie A. Still prefer Conte over him, that man has an unchallenged drive to win. Will also be interesting to see what hell'manage to do with all the brain dead footballers we have at this club, and only two midfielders. Anyway, he won't last more than two seasons, hope he won't damage his reputation more than needed while he stays. Welcome and good luck!
  6. Bye. Hopefully you leave this summer. #onceagooneralwaysagooner
  7. Welcome bro. This guy has personality and skills. Hope he'll adjust quickly to a new league. Btw, he's a starter for Italy.
  8. Bye, and take that big nosed cunt with you. Less prime donne, more football please from now on. Also I know I'm daydreaming, but invest all the money we'll get for him on Dybala. Upgrade.
  9. Hardly makes any difference, as the new coach's second season will be an utter disaster yet again. Arsenal is a far better option for Sarri...just sayin'
  10. Comedy material this Anyway, those above us in the table have better squads than ours. Maybe we could've battled it with Liverpool, only difference - their midfield is slightly better than ours, as well as their star player. Oh, and mentality. All in all this is a just placement.
  11. Shouldn't be playing this many big games. Hope the hard way of learning things isn't going to damage him somehow.
  12. Remember when people wanted him in the Pirlo role? Imagine that.
  13. He's probably sick of being at Chelsea, and rightly so. Totally uninterested in the team for a few months I reckon. Nice to see people catching up on what kind of a player Hazard really is, Courtois too. Sell them and build something new. Also, it's so embarrassing to have only one midfielder at this club.
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