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  1. Just noticed there's two Trevor Chalobah threads...
  2. He was promoted from the academy but he didn't come through it from an early age. There's a difference TBF.
  3. You forgot the mighty Bournemouth.
  4. If we apply that to everyone, then sure I guess.
  5. @Milan Out of curiosity, do you watch MotoGP?
  6. Am no financial expert but just because we got all that CL money from winning the competition, it doesn't mean we have all of that to spend on transfers. That money would have been used to cover for other expenses within the club as well as cover for whatever losses the club may have suffered from the pandemic. I don't think we're exactly operating the "we need to sell before buying policy" but our recent spending has been funded mostly by the sale of players.
  7. Christensen only had 2 loan spells and it was only at one club, TBF. When you said the commentators often forget he's been with the club since early on, do you mean coming through the academy? If so, then not sure if they really forget because we bought Christensen from Brondby and he was already 16 years old then. Different to the likes of Mount and James, who really came through our academy.
  8. Abraham going to Italy was the last thing I would have expected. Good luck to him at Roma.
  9. If we are going with the sentiment that players need to improve this season or they will be sold next year, then a few players' - not just Werner - future are on the line this season.
  10. It's not about finding excuses regarding Werner's movement. It's more about his movement, his pace etc enable us to play the way we have under Tuchel. For the umpteenth time, the comparison with Torres and even Morata is just pure lazy. Yes, all 3 have the unwanted reputation of not scoring enough, missing chances for us but unlike Torres and Morata, I'm not sure Werner was bought to be our #9 given he's not a #9 and the way Lampard was using him to begin with - one minute he was playing on the left and the next he was playing down the middle. With Torres especially, he held us back for
  11. We could still sign him TBF, maybe next year if not this year. Silva will likely leave and Rudiger may or may not be signing a new contract.
  12. Simon Johnson said again today that the club still want to sign Kounde but god knows if Chalobah's emergence has maybe changed their mind.
  13. Will get €40 million + €5 million add ons apparently, which will be the most expensive deal in Roma's history! Some Roma fans aren't happy with the signing from what I've seen, especially for the price.
  14. Did they say that publicly? All those numbers came from journalists like Fjortoft, who may well have been making BS up. He did. Inter were like 50-50 on selling because they knew how important he was to Inter and the backlash that they would get from the fans. But once Lukaku wanted the move, Inter accepted it and also because they got an out to explain selling him, besides their financial problem. As for Haaland, I don't see why he needed to wait for us to put in an offer to want to join us. Our interest in him was well known and if he really wanted to join us, he would hav
  15. Can we get a midfielder who is actually not going to keep on passing sideways or backwards?
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