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  1. That could still happen but United fans have really been hammering Sancho and I mean HAMMERING Sancho, probably even more than we do with our players.
  2. Our league xG last season was 64. Only City (73.3) and Liverpool (72.6) have higher xG than us. The difference wasn't that huge. Not gonna pretend we are great at creating chances consistently but there was definitely something exciting to work on from last season. However, we threw all of that out of the window the minute we bought an incompatible player.
  3. Minus the finishing issues, I'd say we were onto something last season with the system that we played. But then, we bought Lukaku, of all strikers, and things began to slowly go haywire and whatever good things we did last season went out of the window.
  4. Couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this stat but CHO has scored only 4 goals (FOUR!) in 71 Premier League games.
  5. If anything, I'd say the manager and club need to have the same vision, with of course the club providing proper leadership and clear ideas. The idea of fully backing the manager and giving them full control can backfire massively if that manager gets sacked. Matt Law said that we should follow what City and Liverpool are doing with Guardiola and Klopp. He seems to forget that City have a bottomless pit of money. They have spent god knows how much now on defenders and have been able to just go out and spend on a new one again if one of those signings go wrong. Our case? We tend to get stuck wi
  6. I was merely reiterating what people keep on saying about him. What I'd say is, if you look at Pulisic's overall career so far, then yes, you could say he is injury prone. But over the last 12-13 months, he has had only ONE notable long term injury and it wasn't due to his body breaking down like often before. Is he somehow becoming less injury prone all of a sudden? God knows.
  7. Pulisic played 43 games last season and people still call him injury prone.
  8. I hope you remember that we still have Barkley in the books and have been struggling him to get rid of him.
  9. We paid big for Pulisic, who wasn't even close to a guarantee to begin with and we're surprised by the current situation? Moreover, even if Dembele is on the cheap side, I find it weird people want an injury prone player when the same people always complain about Pulisic being injury prone (even though he hasn't had a notable injury "caused" by himself in a long time).
  10. If we are going to buy an attacker, at least get someone who for sure will be a success. Buying someone on the cheap for the sake of it is pointless if that person turns out to be a dud anyway. Mind you, we bought Ziyech for kinda on the cheap side when you consider how much we paid for Werner, Havertz, Lukaku etc and yet, he's turned out to be a dud and people want him gone.
  11. Doesn't guarantee he'll be a success and not to mention, there's his very dodgy injury record.
  12. The bar isn't set very high then, is it? Compare him with our current lot, it would look as though we are just throwing money at something and hoping it sticks without any actual thought put behind it.
  13. So, you're saying you would want another inconsistent attacker? Why would a club buy him now when they can get him for free in the summer? And didn't he try to demand HUGE wages from Barcelona before this?
  14. If Tuchel really did want Lukaku, then you gotta wonder whether he would make the right decisions when it comes to buying other players. Also, how badly do the club want to win the league or are they satisfied with just winning cup competitions? I don't mind the club backing the manager of course but the club's structure has been that they make the final decision on everything. Backing the manager fully means they would relinquish that control and power they have had so long. Will Marina and co. do that? There's also no guarantee that overhauling the squad and backing Tuchel would result
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