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  1. Lol this just actually just proves that Abramovich is really really close to Putin... Someone who is not close to him, wouldn't be anywhere near these peace talks. Not saying Abramovich has any direct impact on war, but his relationship to Putin is close.
  2. Abramovich message was very very cold yesterday, he should have distanced himself from any involvement in Russia's government and mentioned Ukraine... Once again, another cold cold message - https://www.chelseafc.com/en/news/2022/02/27/club-statement-on-the-conflict-in-ukraine.
  3. Abramovich's money is definitely covered in blood and I fully agree that all his assets should be seized immediately. He is a part of Russia's regime and sanctions need to be taken.
  4. There's something horribly wrong with Belgium players. Weak mentality, arrogance, talk way too much, etc. It was calm at Chelsea for a year or so since Courtois and Hazard left but this avarage guy is the problem now. Just get him out.
  5. Pub team player, cannot make a pass lol
  6. Yep, be careful with him... Our win ratio with Tuchel is quite poor and getting into some finals means nothing, you have to win them.
  7. Go back to Championship, Frank. Not EPL quality. Sadly, we are stuck with him now as we are not getting rid of him anytime soon as he is a club legend.
  8. One more game, same old question... So what is he supposed to be good at?
  9. What is Havertz actually good at? He looks so average...
  10. Okay enough is enough now. He's trash... Why is Lampard constantly waiting and waiting to play our best players? Where is Mendy, Chilwell, Pulisic??? They are all 'not ready' yet apparently and he will be repeating same shit for weeks now. Other managers will just throw players straight away and get results, while Lampard will wait for weeks. Get him out now.
  11. We still need a new goalkeeper... I am slightly worried that we will stay with Kepa for this season and will go all out for Oblak next Summer. If so, he will lose us a lot of points...
  12. He would score some goals, yes, but he is just a walking tree like Tammy, Lukaku, etc...
  13. Should have sold him to Bayern when we had a chance.
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