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  1. I'm willing to bet money that if Villa sell Grealish they will buy Tammy. He probably will be bought for 35 million with 5 millions with add ons.
  2. I actually think if city get grealish then villa will easily buy Tammy for 40.
  3. But will they receive some money as well for being part of the super league? Because then that will be double dipping.
  4. For real? So they are still in that, will they get money for still being there?
  5. So any word what will happen with Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona? Are they going to get away with still being in the super league?
  6. Would have been awesome Leeds because of Bielsa. Madman often help gets player an up level.
  7. Kounde is a good buy at this time. He is young and is a good passer. We have not have a good ball CB since David Luiz. If he can defend a bit better then David Luiz then worth it. If not sell him since he is young. I remember Ashley Cole was small as well and that didn't stop us from winning things. After Kounde I assume the CM will be a big player, like Rice. I wonder if SMS is still good?
  8. What we paid for Chillwell would do. between 50 and 45, especially if we are giving them a player. Otherwise he will stay there another season.
  9. Super sub. Might not be as good, but maybe can squeeze some super sub performance ala Giroud?
  10. I think it would be a good sell. I think he will go down the route of Wellbeck.
  11. Lampard wanted Rice, and all the target he was aiming for have come good. So I trust Lampard in that. Not as good as manager but good at spotting talent. I mean if it wasn't for Lampard we wouldn't have Mount. If Lampard, the club and now Tuchel are on board with Rice then I'm happy with that.
  12. Since Barcelona are in a bad financial situation, are there any players we can get from there? Are we seriously considering Griezmann?
  13. Hearing that, then the obvious conclusion is that we are selling players to raise money to buy him. Hence why we just sold Guehi, and soon more to follow.
  14. I agree, not a flashy player but a good players that brings a good balance to the team. Reminds me of Damien Duff. He was not as flashy as your Robben back then, but like Mount he had a tenacity and gave us a good balance.
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