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  1. True but we need creativity and any other option is not as creative like Jorginho. I like Rice and the french kid, but they help bring a balance. We need a player that are very creative ala Fabregas. And hecks look how Modric makes the difference in Real Madrid
  2. Yes take a look at this article: Sevilla have conceded fewer goals (30) than any other team in La Liga this season and much of that is down to Koundé’s influence at the back. The 23-year-old also has the ability to bring the ball forward and set Sevilla on the front foot. He has made more forward passes (1,703) than any other outfielder in La Liga since the start of last season and this attribute would suit Chelsea in their quest to dominate opponents. https://www.theguardian.com/football/who-scored-blog/2022/may/18/who-Chelsea-sign-rudiger-christensen-azpilicueta-defenders
  3. Something I don't understand is why PSG not sell Mbappe in the summer? Now they are going to lose him for free. That is not good business to me.
  4. Penalty is a lottery. To me it shows good we get this far with the team with have. Most games against Liverpool has been tied under TT. We need to improve in some areas to take the next step. We did take a major step backward with Lukaku. Please don't give him another season.
  5. I hope we don't do a Torres. Give him another season to see if he comes good. He can do good under the Serie A and system they used, but not our style. Please don't make a mistake and want to keep him around after scoring a couple of goals.
  6. It was good that this happened. It killed Jose shadow and now we are a bit more careful on younger players.
  7. Sell him and replace with another winger
  8. Rice is not going to sign anything, and West Ham should be careful as if they continue like this he will walk away for free. That is the trend lately with the players. Like what is happening with Mbappe. I was thinking this morning what if we go for Mbappe? With new owner and TT we could try to convince him to come over here? If he liked working with TT then we can try to convince hm.
  9. I think T Silva has actually helped him improve as well TT. If anyone the one that needs true replacement is Silva, because he has been solid since coming. So sad that he is not any younger. Next season should be Silva last season, so looking to see if anyone we buy can start taking that role.
  10. Erling Haaland: Man City confirm agreement to sign Borussia Dortmund striker in £51m deal https://www.skysports.com/football/news/11679/12609563/erling-haaland-man-city-confirm-agreement-to-sign-borussia-dortmund-striker-in-51m-deal 51 million? While Lukaku cost 97 million?
  11. How are we able to deal if we still under sanctions? Has it been lifted already?
  12. I think this was the best deal that could be done under the circumstances. Everything that I heard from him in his interview strikes me as someone that will help grow the team, value the fans and let the staff do their work.
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