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  1. Tuchel said post-match to RMC Sport: "He is a gift. It’s incredible. I’ve never seen anything like this. At training, in games, he never stops. We look at the data on his intensity and he is incredible. He really is a gift!" Beast!
  2. Not bad from a Lampard buy. Lampard as a coach was not good, but I would take him back at the club in dealing with transfer.
  3. No doubt let's see who we get for CB. Sell Zouma and get a new contract to Andreas. Tomori might be coming back in the summer if AC Milan don't buy him.
  4. A much younger Andreas, now a more mature Andreas. I think this time it can be different with this style of play of ball possession. We can at least get rid of Zouma if he has any value.
  5. Surprised at the result and the way we played. It was a good away game, like a European night away game. Well done to TT, keep up the good job.
  6. Yes because he is Lampard's son
  7. Definitely pleasantly surprised with him. Thought he was done and dusted but he has put himself back in the team and is the best in the team to play the style we want to play. It was always like that but it was always his defending. Let's hope he keeps this up.
  8. Well that put that nail in the coffin. Definitely was worth it sacking Lampard for Tuchel. As we are able to see an identity and style of play. I was wrong about tuchel, it was not the beginning of the end, but now the beginning of something beautiful. Get top 4 and then next season improve with some buys and get rid of more deadwood.
  9. I don't expect much for this game. I think Liverpool have improved after their dip and will be too much for us. Draw will be good, anything other then that I would be surprised.
  10. VAR was good yesterday. Very rare we get to see that where it actually got the called spot on and it would have never giving if not for VAR. VAR is good to have but the way it has been used in the season is what makes it a joy kill.
  11. Good win, but first leg. Liverpool last year looked good for first leg and then second leg Atletico knock them out. Let's wait and see how we do next leg.
  12. I don't think player power is ever going away. As long as we have Roman, it will always be here.
  13. I gave Lampard until November-January. After that I agreed with most here that he should be gone or wait till summer to get Nagelsmann. Why? because even if we draw or lost we should have seen some progress but there was none. We had no clue about what direction we was going. So yes it was not good to continue with him. With Tuchel I'm still on the fence in regards to progress. I think we just got the new manager bounce that we often tend to get. The next coming weeks we shall see what he has. But I still think what he did to CHO is reckless. Player power will always continue
  14. This, because we also had spelled where we won with Lampard. Remember when he first came in after the United game we went on a run. Same with Tuchel. I don't see nothing that is amazing so far, seems more of the same that I seen before. Also another manager that blames the players, throws the players under the bus and we seen how well that goes here.....So for me the beginning of the end for Tuchel after that stunt with CHOI
  15. The beginning of the end for Tuchel at Chelsea.
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