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  1. So then make him a DM to eventually take the spot of Kante. I think he can play that role as well.
  2. Pulisic for now is best to do the same for the final. He is more effective when he comes from the bench as a sub because players will be more tired. Then as to oppose from the beginning. At this moment is about winning, next season they will figure it out the best formation, but right now is about winning and Pulisc is best to save as a sub to come and make an impact.
  3. Generation talent you can't pass that up. Like we did with Kai, Mbappe is in that list. But let's see if he renews his contract. Because otherwise it won't matter. He only has one year left. That being said if we can't buy them, then I would want to spend money on defense. Get Kounde and Varane and we are set. If Varane wants to leave as he also has one year left on his contract then we should be all over it.
  4. Yeah top defender. Right now a good defender that can be bought at the right price is Jules Kounde. Plays for Sevilla, is 22 and from France. According to marketvalue his price is 54 million....
  5. I think Zidane screwed up by putting Hazard as a starter. Last game he brought him as a sub and did nothing. Now as a starter and nothing. Real Madrid was playing with one less. Anyhow I wonder if we put in a cheeky bid for him like Bayern does.
  6. Too much money Atlético to get rid of. He still has some years left. But yeah he is class as well. Right now the big fight if Dortmund sells is for haaland. But we need to keep an eye out PSG and mbappe. Because if I have to choose between haaland and mbappe, it's mbappe. I would spend 150 millions easily on him.
  7. Lampard for me did amazing in the buying department. I would love him at the club for that aspect, with the buying of players. As well with the youth. Tuchel is good at the club as the manager but to have Lampard in some sort of role like cech would be awesome as well.
  8. I guess we can say he has taken over makelele? Maka was so good that there's a position named after him. Surely kante surpassed that?
  9. According to transfermarket his contract expires on: Contract until: Jun 30, 2022 Has a market value of 144 millions. If he don't sign a new contract we should go for him. Haaland is WC, but Mbappe is on another level me thinks. 150 million for him, I know it's a lot but if you don't fork that out PSG ain't selling and will wait till January and by then the transfer battle will be insane with Real Madrid and others. Well that's IF he does not sign a new contract.
  10. Probably but we did the same with Mourinho and Conte. I think we should extend his contract for one more year. He was giving 18 months plus one year option of extension. Give him that and then see after that. No need to do the same, because for some reason managers here after you give them a long extension they go down!
  11. Lukaku is surely a joke. First if we can buy it will be Haaland. I would love above all Mbappe. I think his contract is about to finish and I wonder if he will consider a move after yesterdays game. He needs to get out of that joke French League.
  12. Indead and if we score first we will sit back and they can hit us as well like Benzema out of the blue. Could easily go into penalty. If if gets to that I hope Tuchel does a Vann Gaal.
  13. If we get rid of Tammy and Giroud then we should get another striker. Would be foolish to stay with Werner only. Havertz as a false 9 it is not always going to work.
  14. We should really cut our losses and sell him this summer so we can raise some money and buy mbappe or halland.
  15. Might be at the end Chelsea vs PSG. Tuchel playing against his old club. But I don't think anyone can stood PSG this season. They are too good. That being said i am not worried about real Madrid. Expect us to beat them.
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