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  1. wen are the next contract extensions for chels players?...not heard anythin about his next contract?....
  2. sometimes i do both at the same time..i always wondered why guys like showers so much..yolo i guess..lol
  3. if we have a spainish player in every position i will be happy..until then we need...MORE! more friends for nAndo xthanksbtw
  4. sorry..lol my friend told me..all chelsea staff and player can use shower
  5. ..somone told me she showers with the players after games...is this tru?
  6. relli amazin player...more spanish please chelsea!..he kinda scares me somtimes tho...lookin like dracula an all..
  7. why do liverpol fans call him agent torres?...its been pretti bad bein his no1 fan...depressin..orioll romeu is doin well tho!
  8. more spanishh players pleease! keep em' cumin!
  9. it was relli great to see nando scorin again!
  10. its so good to see nando scorin again!
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