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  1. Which shows Kenedy IS staying for the season now. Convenient he comes back as Emerson is confirmed as staying at Lyon RWB will be the focus now, or no one
  2. Well wherever he goes he needs to play often. Not perhaps every single week, but enough to gain even more experience. Gilmour I'd recall, unless we again didn't include a break clause. Their fans think hes shite, so sod them, stick him elsewhere.
  3. Well re. Dest, soon as Tuchel said the club were looking at getting a RWB perhaps, Dest wasn't my first guess, it was Adama Traore. 3 weeks left in the window, we'll see what happens. I just think we need to loan a LWB only
  4. Nah, playing in the prem is totally different to a tier 5 English side. Chesterfield are probably the same level as the academy games he plays in. He played very wel, but lets not get carried away and remember who we faced. I'd give him a loan to a league 1 club first, or champ
  5. It's still to be seen whether Lyon allow him to come back. They have final say and have already said no once
  6. Haaland to Madrid/Barca and Vlahovic to City/Juventus is my guess And Kane to city if Vlahovic goes elsewhere
  7. Found it strange that Tuchel said the club were looking at the market for wingback to cover Reece James' injury. That makes no sense to me James will be back by mid-February i imagine, he doesnt need replacing. CHO is decent there and Pulisic at a stretch [albeit im not a fan of him there, at all] Chilwell wont be seen again until 22/23 so he is the one who needs replacing... not James
  8. I'd imagine its more likely a rotation on Coventry's part, but I'd leave him right where he is. Regular first team football there is better than being Alonso's backup here.
  9. I think Digne is the one we want to sign, but Emerson being recalled is/was first option and by all accounts Lyon said no Everton supposedly wont loan Digne out, so we either buy him, or have a loan with an obligation. Tuchel has now confirmed that we are looking into the market for possibilities given we have long term injuries, so i could see Digne happening tbh
  10. It's Digne or no one this window lads. Digne is better defending than Alonso but going forward its not so clear cut. Digne obviously quicker aswell and also packs a decent dead ball ability There may already be talks, but its been made clear through media (ok not the most reliable lol) that Everton won't do a loan unless the buy option is mandatory I'd be happy with him
  11. I wonder if Malang Sarr may head out on loan this month. I do like him, but was talk of Watford, West Ham and torino looking at him
  12. Coutinho choosing Gerrard is almost nailed on. I'd say that deal is all but done then.
  13. We obviously haven't, thats why they have been able to refuse the recall. I'd imagine they paid a loan fee and there may also be some sort of idea of what it'd take to buy him should they wish, although not an "official" buy option. And thats why they've refused, along with the fact he is doing well. Next step will possibly be to try recall Maatsen, but we may run into same issue. Plus, his development may be better staying at Coventry. It's why i kinda expect the Digne deal to happen if its a loan with option to buy... not so sure of a permanent deal happening. Although id be happy
  14. By all accounts Digne does not want Newcastle. If true IMO he is waiting for us. If you're Digne and your agent says Chelsea are looking at you, aswell as Newcastle, you'll hold out until you know for sure that Chelsea are/are not making it official. I have always suspected that if we did bid, it'd be last week of January. I think he'd even pick West Ham before Newcastle. They may be super rich, but they aren't appealing to players right this minute. They're looking right now as if they're going down. If I was Eddie Howe this window I'd look at likes of Coutinho on loan, Lingard,
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