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  1. Decent little pickup on a loan is Saul. Lets sit back and see if the clause gets triggered..... at 10.45 pm
  2. Yeh, 50-50 split. £34m ish each?
  3. ah ok, i thought a intermediary or club rep had to do it. Perhaps there is still a small, small chance then
  4. Re. Kounde, unless im wrong, i think to trigger a la liga buyout, you have to physically deposit the money yourself at the league offices dont you? So unless someone is out in spain on our behalf, we cant trigger it.... I really dont see Kounde happening, whereas 48 hrs ago i was other way round with Kounde and Saul
  5. I dont think that TV show have much reliability, but we will know for sure by this time tomorrow
  6. Im not so sure tbh. Out of the 2 deals, him and Saul, i think Kounde is the only one with a chance of happening. Just feels like we've walked away
  7. My confidence re. Kounde has gone. I've a feeling we are done
  8. Kounde will happen i reckon. Saul no
  9. Nope, probably tonight or tomorrow Tomorrow will be full of rumours id guess with deadline day being Tuesday
  10. Monday will be mad. Day before deadline
  11. I reckon that there is obviously a chance up until 11pm Monday. If im being really honest, i think Kounde will be the final signing
  12. And yes Diario AS reckon its still on and talks continue just to sort out loan with option or obligation. Mundo Deportivo are a bit "meh" in terms of reliability i think anyway, id have thought Marca would be the ones for Madrid clubs...
  13. Probably get an update tonight from dimarzio or romano. If Lukaku and Chelsea want this deal, and we want him to play against Villarreal, it wont drag on for long
  14. It is a nonsense tbh. Pointless complaining though, fuck all will happen. Plus, I'm sick to fucking death of seeing CFCDaily on twitter whinging like a child about it. Apologies if you use this forum, but if you do, you definitely need to go outside more
  15. I just think PSG will slap 70m euros down and be done with it. If Inter desperately need the cash, i think they'd prefer that to our offer of 60 plus Alonso. Even though its perhaps better overall
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