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  1. Probably find the club are waiting until after July 1st to start business, as it goes into next financial years books
  2. Well we were told once Lukaku was done we'd focus on incomings. Sit back and watch it unfold then, shall we.....
  3. 7m euro plus bonus is Milan's latest offer. That deal is now as good as done for me. They'll either increase the bonus and/or make them more achievable, or throw another 1-2m euros down. No way that deal falls apart now, not when the figures are that close
  4. I'd sell for that. Even though id like to also see him have a chance here, thats money you can't grumble at when you consider he wasn't really setting the world alight at Saints Way I look at it is if Broja belonged to Saints and we were linked with him for 30m after the season he has just had, would i be keen. Answer is no.
  5. Im sensing this Lukaku deal will be done by end of the week the speed it is going. Or at least agreed
  6. So, who will replace Rom? Gab Jesus? Lautaro Martinez? Lewa? etc Or will we just stick to Werner and Havertz?
  7. Lukaku to Inter will be done quickly IMO. I think both sides just want it done. Swap deal? Dont see it.
  8. I think we have to be patient here, because a lot of clubs are going to hesitate about buying players currently in nations league unless they get injured. I think from next week on itll pick up. Plus, many clubs wait until after June 30 too
  9. Well Inter apparently want the Lukaku deal done by end of June, so hopefully that will be sorted quickly. I hope we move quickly. Especially because i am sick of hearing about Kounde now lol, just do the deal or dont
  10. Good player, but im sure Milan said he has a release clause, pay that or dont bother. And its 100 odd mill and yeh, the sources are shite. lol
  11. So i think Lukaku will end up going back. And the media will link us with Gabriel Jesus, Lautaro and Darwin Nunez. Can see the headlines already
  12. So despite TT claiming the squad needs to be rebuilt this summer, and we have lots of work to do. People expect a quiet summer? It's June 7th. We'll sign 4 or 5. And yes, I do think there is a good chance Raheem Sterling is one of them
  13. Ill eat my hat if he turns them down for Liverpool Dont see it
  14. Loved his fulltime comments "No holiday for me, we must start building a strong team right away" He cannot wait for the window to open
  15. New era begins but genuine sadness that Roman has officially gone. Gutting
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