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  1. Something like this wouldn't be a bad little starter http://www.amazon.com/Gaggia-12101-Manual-Espresso-Machine/dp/B000TBEU3S/ref=sr_1_8?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1416193039&sr=1-8&keywords=gaggia You'd need to buy a decent grinder and source some good beans though, also get you're hands on a jug, thermometer etc. All fairly easy to get the hang of, grinders can be a hassle though, dialing in is a bit tedious at first but there's plenty of guides online and videos on youtube to get your sorted.
  2. Two David Michôd films The Rover 7/10 - Unconventional narrative but good film Animal Kingdom 8/10 - Stronger film of the two, great crime film
  3. Stipe Perica, was at NAC Breda last season
  4. The last time Liverpool won the league, Jon Flanagans mother and father were just brother and sister.
  5. Raging I'm gonna miss this (first half at least) Score draw or a narrow win with a bit of luck.
  6. Well he did score against us, would carry on that theme if we are in for him.
  7. Wonder how Van Persie is back so quick after he was meant to be out for another few weeks, have a feeling he was refusing to play.
  8. Wow, very petty and childish on Laudrups part. He has looked a much better player at Sunderland, good on the ball, strong, good composure, wouldn't of been bad signing for us but we just spent 20 mil on Matic. He is only young and will improve, is their any other good young Korean players to keep an eye out for?
  9. Ki is such a quality player, don't know what Laudrup was thinking
  10. Perfect stuff to wipe away shit(teams)
  11. Nicolai Boilesen, doing great in my ajax save. Not sure how how much he'll cost you but I bet Blind is being played ahead of him in your save, so you might not need to break the bank.
  12. Great dive for that fk there and then united score from it, shit like that turns you off the sport
  13. So who's everyones picks for the Super Bowl? I'm hoping for the pats and the saints but I think it'll be broncos and seahawks
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