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  1. Seems that's what he's hinting at. Guy has proven himself pretty reliable with news so...
  2. If there's a buy back included I'd happily sell CHO
  3. Honestly think that's what will happen. Sancho goes nowhere at this stage Imo. Think we'll move next summer
  4. Hmm, I'm less and less sure of this
  5. "Gullible self proclaimed nationalist" ... Bet you hate mount dont you?
  6. How surreal must that be. Leaving Leicester to be standing at Chelsea yarning to thiago Silva? Class
  7. No way he plays. Hasn't kicked a ball in weeks surely.
  8. Really think this boy is a class act. Don't see him failing at all. Attitude is absolutely on point
  9. I reckon he's been beasted season after season but now could actually get a break with the squad we have. When he's fit he's invaluable. I mean if it's a clear choice between binning him or the sideways passing expert it's an easy choice for me
  10. I really see Ross being chucked in as part of any Rice deal. Just think he would suit them
  11. Can't understand anyone wanting Kante to go. Madness
  12. You never felt comfortable with Carlo? Can't believe I'm reading this. Was great for us
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