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  1. as it stands we have 0 margin for error until the last game of the season, that loss against West Brom is becoming more painful by the min, but in reality our fuck ups in the 1st half of the season is hurting us.
  2. if we get trough we will see who we get, be it Pool or Madrid.
  3. of course not, but we are not in the semis yet, let’s be humbe at least
  4. you do realize there is still a 2nd leg to be played?
  5. lets see how the team reacts after yesterday’s loss, im not getting my hopes up too high thats for sure, its not good for my stress levels.
  6. i just need to vent mate, this is all bs
  7. losing 5-2 to fucking West Brom is all i can take, fuck off
  8. dont play Thiago Silva again pls
  9. the agenda against us is clear, fuck this corrupted league
  10. i despise teams like this, they can fuck off
  11. that game was also a joke, fuck Van Persie
  12. now we need to pray West Ham, Spurs, Everton and Pool drop points. Not gonna happen of course
  13. Tuchel honeymoon period is over, time to get back to earth
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