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  1. lol so we sell youth products for peanuts now? and to leeds of all teams lmao
  2. only that? fuck leeds man
  3. how much did we get for him? any buy back clause? what is it with these academy players running away from Chelsea lately?
  4. i wouldn’t call Portugal chokers, in 2004 we choked no doubt, i can also add the 2002 and 2014 world cup group stage exits, but the other times we just faced better teams in the semis and eventual tournament winners, France in 2000(we lost to golden goal), Spain in 2012 (we lost in pens), France in 2006(they lost to italy), England in 1966. For a small country we aren’t doing so bad compared to the big guns, we can consider ourselves unlucky not to have done more, but football is like this.
  5. Congrats to Italy and our boys Jorginho and Emerson, i feel bad for Mount, Reece and Chilwell, but Italy just wanted it more and were much more composed in the pen shootout. Donnarumma is a monster
  6. No doubt he had a great tournament, but his penalty miss could have been really costly for Italy on another day, Donnarumma saved his blushes, i will never be a fan of his penalty taking style. It worked vs Spain, but this time it backfired.
  7. i liked it, its different than most horror flicks im used to watch
  8. its that good mate, i truly enjoyed it, when it first came out in 1994 i was 7 years old, i should have watched this ages ago, there are still plenty of movies i need to watch.
  9. watched Shawshank Redemption for the 1st time the other day, amazing movie and cast, i can’t believe it took me all these years to watch this masterpiece.
  10. Johnnyeye


    nice video, this channel belongs to a portuguese guy, he does some very good analysis on players. Deco was really a great player, he was immense for Porto and Barça between 2000-2006. when Chelsea got him in 2008 he was already declining, but the quality was still there, as we witnessed, and the portuguese national team was blessed to have him, that Euro 2004 loss to Greece still stings not gonna lie, even after winning it in 2016.
  11. the 2nd video is knockout stage only
  12. regardless of who wins, it’s a 100% guarantee that a Chelsea player/s will win the Euro championship. Goodluck to all teams Italy: Emerson, Jorginho Spain: Azpi England: Mount, Reece, Chilwell Denmark: Christensen
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