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  1. it doesn't take a miracle for WH to sneak in win v 3 shit teams so at 67 Leicester lose to us and manure most they can get then is 66 pool lose to manure most they can get then is 66 they are 4th, we are 3rd (67 or more) not matter what (barring a 10 nil loss or so) pool and Leicester (if those 3 losses occur, 2 for Leicester, one for pool) can only get to 66 points max
  2. 2020-21 English Premier League Arsenal West Bromwich Albion http://www.sportnews.to/mysports/2021/premier-league-arsenal-vs-west-bromwich-albion-s1/ https://www.totalsportek.com/page-4/
  3. West Ham misses the fuck out of Rice his absence ties up Soucek, so Soucek cannot wander all over and cause chaos
  4. cuz of their weak ass last 3 games, and I was not worried about them v us, I want them to knock out pool and Leicester from the CL
  5. this is not a bad result at all IF the following happen 1 West Ham win the next 3 (67 points) 2 Manure beat pool and Leicester 3 we beat Leicester in the EPL game if that happens the best Leicester and pool can end up on 66 points each and the worst we can finish is 67 points (and thus beat west ham for 3rd on GD)
  6. WH hit the post and then bollocks up the tap in
  7. I have mixed emotions about this game IF I knew for sure that manure beats Leicester and Pool, and that we win 2 of last 3 (or better yet, all 3) I would be for all in for West Ham, as they can knock out Pool and Leicester from next years Cl (the scouse vermin being the big one) IF they (West Ham)win this, they could easily win the last 3 (BHA, West Brom, SOTON) and finish on 70 points we will pip them for 3rd on 70 via GD (for 3rd) with 2 wins and a loss or outright win 3rd with 2 wins and draw (71) or 3 wins (73) having no CL fucks Pool hard, and also Leicester
  8. 2020-21 English Premier League West Ham United Everton http://www.sportnews.to/mysports/2021/premier-league-west-ham-united-vs-everton-s1/ https://www.totalsportek.com/everton-epl-match/
  9. oh, it gets better Henderson clearly fouled Watkins in the box pen? nooooooooooooooooooo Watkins booked for diving, and sent off (2 yellow red) it is insane
  10. plus it pretty much ends all top 7 hopes for Villa, so when we play them, they are playing for nothing
  11. actually Manure winning is great for us it makes the Leicester v manure and Pool v manure games vital to keep their title hopes alive (they play both before Citeh plays another match)
  12. and now, before they play the fucking scouse vermin, Maguire goes off injured (the first time he has not played the full 90 minutes since he came to Manure)
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