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  1. I have a feeling that Rudiger is more likely to stay instead of Christensen
  2. Watching Alonso and Azpilicueta every single game yes - every RB in PL will be better
  3. Chelsea are very interested in Ousmane Dembele from Barcelona and are willing to pay a fee to take him on loan for the rest of the season. {Onda Cero} I wonder exactly where Dembele would play
  4. Kepa Azpilicueta -- Thiago SIlva --- Rudiger -- Sarr Kovacic---Jorginho Ziyech---Mount Havertz----Pulisic(Werner)
  5. So we want from Barcelona - Dest, De Jong , Gavi and Dembele
  6. This circus can't last forever where we just sack every manager every single year . Tuchel modelled this team but the board are not ready to support him at this stage. Either they are deluded that we can spend a whole season with Alonso and Azpilicueta or they are really deluded that we can do it .
  7. Left , Right Wing Back ? Anyone ? will we take someone before we come out of the top 4 ?
  8. One of either Lukaku or Tuchel is going to get sacked from Chelsea at this rate and we all know which one who will be .
  9. Chilwell/James injuries aren't news to anyone. They happened ages ago and the fact they've not acted is a complete shambles. Playing with Alonso and Azpilicueta every single game has completely killed us . And yes ... sell Lukaku asap .
  10. You just know there is no one who will score
  11. sub and sell Lukaku . Buy Striker this month if you want top 4 . Simple .
  12. Sancho , Gelhardt , Braithwhite , Welbeck , Webster only i didn't score against Chelsea this season .
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