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  1. I understand, but Bakayoko is still here. We should've already handled his situation and sent him on loan or sold him. Instead, we are planning to play a foreign player while our investment of 40mil sits on the bench (if he makes the bench). Bad.
  2. Maybe we can sign him on loan and develop him for them...
  3. I would prefer us to play RLC, an England international, our academy product and actually a promising player. We have invested millions in developing youth and then we bring a young player from Real Madrid on loan to train him for them. Then next season, we lose RLC (obviously he can't wait half his life to get a chance here) and Kovacic, leaving us with Bakayoko and Drinkwater only, and look we must spend ton of money again on midfield.
  4. I'm not too happy about this transfer if there is no option to buy in the deal. If he does well, then Real will take him from us. If he does bad, then why not give Loftus-Cheek and Bakayoko a chance? You may not like Bakayoko, but at least he is our player...
  5. I can't even get angry at him, he mostly makes me laugh. He is that bad. Wow. Even when we had Kalou, Torres and Malouda here, they were at least trying and running.
  6. If fee isn't crazy, sign him up, great backup option even though he irritates me. His style of play is such that he can still do it in PL for a few more years.
  7. We will probably sell Willian to earn more amazing money and brag how we are making profit with each year! Hopefully we really sign someone like Mahrez to lift the spirits at the bridge, at the moment there are very dark clouds above...
  8. At least he was amazing today!
  9. I can't remember the last time we didn't get 3 points and I wasn't angry. Usually I don't feel other team was better when we don't get the result, but City kicked our ass properly last night, well played! We'll be back stronger, Rudiger and Christensen are great, glad we have them.
  10. termninja


    He reminds me of good old Kalou and Malouda at the end of their CFC careers
  11. termninja


    If he keeps repeating performances like that, I'm more then happy that we sell him to Manu
  12. I've been playing both games since the early PS1 days. FIFA in the last couple of years feels like a DLC lots of times. I feel that they are a bit afraid to alter gameplay too much because of the Ultimate Team because it's making them so much money. They are trying to milk out every last penny until possible from that. As for FIFA 18 gameplay...I just feel bored when I play, especially when I loose the ball. I don't like ball control, it's sluggish. Animations overall are ugly, like players have very bad tehnique when executing some passes and moves. PES18 is brilliant when it comes
  13. Not fit to clean Ronaldinho's boots. But yeah, credit where credit is due, he is an amazing player.
  14. 8 games, 5 red cards. Wow. I am not getting angry only because Christensen seems to be benefiting from this. I do feel though that our players were frustrated with the ref and game, Arsenal have got away with so many little fouls it's incredible.
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