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  1. yeah but that was Arsenal's job. We can't chance it on a one in a million final win vs Guardiola.
  2. This is not gonna happen, so I am not even close to getting my hopes up. We are hardly a trophy guarantee these days and if Levy who is abitch to deal with anyway sanctions a Kane transfer it sure as hell wont be to us.
  3. I am leaning towards the same. Better buy no one than panic buy someone too expensive. Replacing Ziyech with a winger who scores goals like Sancho instead might be a smarter move. Anyway, I think we do need to buy a backup striker if we can not get a proper no.9 for the first XI. a) We can either take a punt with someone young ike Vlahovic or Patson Daka (insanely pacey freak athlete and averages a goal every 72 mins) or b) go for someone more experienced and reasonably priced like Gerard Moreno who is a deadly finisher with decent all round game.
  4. Imo if they had any bottle, they would not have lost 2 FA Cup finals in a row as favourites. but football like life is about how you get up after being knocked down. So maybe they have at least learned from their many mistakes.
  5. yeah the Rose BVB move was the trigger for the merry-go-round with Hütter being his replacement. With both clubs being on a similar level I never really understood the decision. Frankfurt is a way better city and IMO a more uptrending club than Gladbach. This managers moving during the season is an absolute cancer but it also shows how weak thsi generation of players is mentally. only bc the manager moves suddenly all individual performances drop. Hütter and Bobic shamefully congratulted themselves on the EL. They simply did not understand the club and that Frankfurt fans always demand t
  6. lol thats about the height and stature i had in my late teens^^ I could imagine bc. women are significantly slower and can't jump as high as men, height and strength plays even more of a role.
  7. Frankfurt completely botched it. they had a 7 game gap on them and then proceeded to just win 1 in 6 after both their coach Adi hütter and their technical director switched clubs and were not exactly subtle about it. Hütter even said that he liked the stadium and the fans of Borussia M'Gladbach in the post-match presser. The players did not cover themselves in glory either.
  8. those UEFALONA women look so much bigger and stronger than ours. And we know Barcelona has a long doping history...
  9. I think there is no protocol for it. The team can opt for the kid they prefer, we are only obliged to wear the new one next season. In 2012 we allegedly decided to play the final in the old ones out of the same superstition.
  10. thankfully we went back to the old kits for Munich in 2012 despite having deputed the new ones a game before. Back then i felt that decision saved the day for us
  11. Tbf this is not so much of a choke job but they are just inferior. defence and midfield are getting completely overrun.
  12. apparently womens footy is just as crooked. never a pen
  13. Dude, I wish i were still as trustful as you but the world is a cruel cruel place. If the last 2 seasons (Cuntony Taylor final, yesterday, dozen liverpool games, 40 pens for ManUre in 2 years, City vs Dortmund) do not convince you that the whole circus is corrupted, nothing will.
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