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  1. I did not like his crossing either, way too predictable but in many situations the pass to him was simply the wrong option. Defensively Chilly has been as solid as ever. Imagine how alonso would have been shaved today by Mane and Salah. Chilwell even beat Mane in a sprint duel twice today as did Rüdiger. The pace on that defensive side was decisive today.
  2. Rare consistency for a young player. He is our best attacker by far right now. If he learns how to play vertical through balls i will do a complete 180° on him.
  3. Pulisic's 9 month form crisis is definitely down to Tuchel's leadership.
  4. I for one am absolutely delighted with our incredible defensive solidity and positional discipline. We are terrible to watch but we are even worse to play against. I really do not care that much any more as long as we are getting results. If Tuchel is given time I can imagine us becomeing more prolific. But it is clear his focus is on securing top four with a solid defence rn. Do not expect him to deviate much from back 5 until summer. Mason is becoming an absolute talisman. He has his deficiencies but so many qualities as well it is really hard to see how anyone keeps him out of the team
  5. You are probably the most monothematic member on here. We got it, you don't like Lampard. Time to move on.
  6. Tuchel is like a friendly German Mourinho lol grinding out those 1-0s
  7. still not scoring enough but we are usually scoring one and not conceding many chances at all.
  8. what a performance. they did not get a sniff. cant remember a shot from them on target apart from the tame kabak header.
  9. this time mount does attempt the vertical but times it too late
  10. this: The exact motion that fucks up all our swift breaks. plaing the safe pass to the free player who is in front of the defence instead of the defence-splitting one. and people wonder why mount is not creative despite being quality.
  11. another fucke dup counter attack due to bad decision making. we never attempt the vertical and alsways play the safe pass to the flank. frustrating.
  12. now they want a penalty for 30cm away handball
  13. game is crying for Pulisic. with their hgih line which will only become higher him AND werner charging behind will just burn them into submission
  14. robertson loses the sprint duel to werner and then jsut drops to the floor to get the fk. classic
  15. kante somehow has unlearned to release balls early.
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