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  1. Next season will be a write off probably all interesting players will be signed up by the time we can take action we should have 0 expectations We could use this like 19/20 after hazard left with a transfer ban. just blood in youngsters, try new tactics and give everyone left a fresh start When you think about it, our current situation is very similar. Some of the most influential players leaving and we effectively have a transfer ban in place
  2. Has averaged more non pen goals per game than Lukaku during his time in Italy So does Tammy btw
  3. Tbf europa is just as much of a meat grinder given they might very well actually try their with ten Haag valueing that trophy as opposed to incompetence league where they probably would just let it slide
  4. We also gave them the uefa super cup the same way we have lost every domestic final since the 2018 fa cup (Cs 2018) efl cup 2019, 2022 fa cup 2020, 2021,2022 3 of those we lost on pens. Have not scored in Wembley final since 2019 that is almost as bad as Jürgen Klops run of 7 final losses which included 2 CLs on the plus side we won every international final bar that uefa super cup in the meantime and omitting that cup, every major international final in the last 10 years
  5. How often have we hit the woodwork from that angle in the last few years. I remember Emerson did it 3 times and Kai also 3 times
  6. Kenedy is the only man playing for something here
  7. The higher the wages and agent fees players demand the more they become replaceable. Sure there will always be once in gen players for which one has to pay over proportionally. But Toni is not one of them.
  8. Haaland to city and mbappe staying away from Madrid highlights la Ligas failure to wrestle back the power from the premier league Like they did in 2009 with Ronaldo and kaka
  9. No point crying over spilled milk Toni have us 10 months of world class performances but as soon as he decided to leave his performance dropped to his level under conte and Sarri.
  10. Don’t expect a lot of activity from us. The new owners still have to find their feet and all sensible clubs are trying to get their business done early as for many other clubs this will be an important summer probably just this kounde tool and a few back ups
  11. We have played so many shiny games this season, fucked up so many chances, conceded so many stupid goals still ended up third shows what a huge gulf in quality there is between us and pool city over a full season its really dangerous cos players will learn that it is ok to be mediocre. You still end up in cl This squad has never developed the grit and determination to give everything each game and even if it goes against you how to force one in and shut up shop. We have given away way too many leads , conceded stupid goals, not been clinical enough to really claim to be an absol
  12. That was abysmal Can’t wait to see the back of him also Rüdiger did not cover himself in glory either there
  13. That’s why you don’t want sensitive guys as your striker. We got two in Werner and rom you want someone like Diego Costa but with better technique. Someone who is always mentally stable, has an unshatterable belief in himself, never loses confidence, delivers even after horrible misses and also never doubts his instincts Granted these persons are rare but the greatest goal scorers like Gerd Müller, pele, Ronaldo, Puskas, seeler , Eusebio, romario all very different in style, technical ability and stature, shared this one trait of mental robustness on the pitch above all else
  14. I am travelling and unsure about the time zone a bit. Is the game in 35 mins or an hour and 35mins?
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