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  1. I usually don't watch too many Bayern games. Surely came as a surprise. But we should not read too much into this. It was basically the perfect storm for Bayern. Everything Gladbach tried came off. Opened scoring after a minute after a Davies mistake and were 3-0 up before BAyern even started playing. Most of their goals very clean, true hits. Apparently Bayern were so pissed, they tried to storm into the gladbach dressing room afterwards looking to start a brawl lol. Entitled pusses. Accidents like this happen to every great team, their dominance is not under threat. Still nice
  2. Fa cup third round can be against an opponent from the same division? I thought they had modified the draw so that can’t happen…
  3. sure, why not lewandowski with his only title the golden pineapple league.
  4. Vertical means fuck all when defending a corner or cross. the ball swerves, players move around and the defender only has time for a little hop. If the attacker is this much taller he can just stand there and nick it In if the cross is good. You need optimal preparation and run up to exploit your full vert like in a dunk. No chance of this in game for defenders cos they are always the ones to react
  5. The shot turned pass went straight through his legs, so naturally you would blame the keeper as well. Our left side was terrible all game defensively tho... Sarr Alonso Saul and Barkley should never play together in this constellation again.
  6. On a different note, Kepa really redeemed himself once more for his error during the game with some miraculous saves, including two good penalty stops. He really is becoming better and better at it.
  7. For Saul, despite a decent performance, its more than number than the quality of chances. None of them was guilt-edged on isolation but when you get this many as a pro, you should take one Kai and Ross should have scored more, I agree. Also no two opinions on the left side of doom Sarr, Alonso, Barkley. No wonder they attacked over that side very time. Sarris by far our worst CB, which is not a problem cos the rest are so good, but Alonso offers 0 protection which makes Sarr look even worse whilst Barkley can't defend so will make Alonso look even worse when failing to track back. I
  8. Saul shoots like we did in youth footy when the coach forbade us to use anything but the inside of the foot to practice to not toe poke it all the time. put your damn foot through it ffs
  9. how many chances is saul gonna waste today ffs. two free headers one free shot
  10. ridiculous free kick for long falling over his own feet mason with a pass for the corner flag wtf really low quality game. probably gonna go to pens again
  11. and Chilly for Barkley wtf Ross has been pants as usual tho
  12. Mase is coming on for us, walcott and long for them
  13. He really is not. He had his purple patch were he scored 1 goal, had a few nice games which by his standards just means not being 10kmh slower than every other player on the pitch and not looking completely out of his depth. Chilwell has come back and despite not playing at his best immediately shown us what we were missing. Alonso is all round extremely limited and realy should not be playing for this club.
  14. just keep getting corners, we always have a free header and forser despite being one of the tallest players in the league does not care to come out and catch one
  15. Che Adams looks like he is wearing one of those Russian fur heads with that ridiculous haircut
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