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  1. yeah but they have to travel we don't so more of a home game for us.
  2. Portugal would be alright but I'd rather have Wembley for the obvious reasons of it being effectively a home game for us.
  3. Absolutely pathetic cringe whining by the media. Rewatched both incidents: Gilmour clearly wants to get out of the way but what is Jesus doing there? It looks like he lets the ball run past him, moves away from it searching for contact. Same goes for Sterling. He is notorious for his only move being running into the penalty box, then slowing down, looking for contact and hitting the deck. absolutely no sympathy for that even though there might be a case for penalty bczouma is clumsy if not for the fact that sterling is already tumbling before there is any contact. Pep has clearly ins
  4. Prospect of the final being moved from Crapatürk to Wembley is growing more likely. Would be a wise move and great for the fans to witness this. Wembley is the best location for a final anyway.
  5. Rabiot can apparently be had at a cut price deal for 17m. Anything in it or just lazy journalism? not quite sure how his relationship with TT at Psg really was but i could totally see him work with kovacic in midfield. Also another leftie. Would be a decent signing IMO
  6. A player with his style always trying to run behind the defence is at great risk of being flagged for offside all the time. I want him to time his runs a little better but I dont want him to start doubting himself over those offsides and refraining from those runs. City can be unlocked with pace.Offside trap is their only weapon to stop fast players while maintaining a high line
  7. glorious weekend all things considered. Westham lost, Leicester lost, we won, ManUre keep the pressure on city and stay motivated for their games vs leicester and pool. I can totally see us already securing top 4 at the Emirates in midweek. Moreover,as I do not support any other club, I am usually rooting for the underdogs in the smaller leagues. Lille and Atletico are about to break the wheel in their leagues. Can't stand Real and PSG at all so quite happy they probably win fuck all this season. Same goes for the mafiosi at Juve.
  8. All 3 would be midtable at best in PL
  9. What a farmers league this is. No wonder we thrashed 3 of their big 4 with ease
  10. Love how VAR might decide la Liga against real this time.
  11. Get in! now we only need Manure to get a result vs dippers and we are basically 3 points away from securing top4
  12. Most likely lineup IMO is ederson Walker dias stones cancelo rodri gündogan kdb foden mahrez silva not sure about the system pep will surely tinker a bit. Let’s hope he gets it wrong again. Biggest threat IMO is their immense depth and variability tho. Can easilu bring aguero, Jesus, Sterling, Torres all one and one will find a way through . We need to score more than once I guess. I think this year city have become better at defending but worse at counter attacking so if we can win the midfield battle it would be a good s
  13. Wham have not really looked confident in their back 4. Richarlison and dcl have been happy to isolate them on the break. I’m let’s hope they can hold. Everton still have a suspect defense themselves
  14. Wrapped up the championship with a 5-0 thumping of reading today. Great season so far. Another great success for the club this year. Quadruple still on
  15. It's probably a combination of extreme ref bias and their good players. They have a relatively solid defence and very pacy attackers + penandes. I think any team with these base factors and this amount of "luck" in terms of ref decisions would do well.
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