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  1. No I meant recent manager, it was just an example that not all of journalists know what they are writing about. Yes someone from above decided to offload him. Was there even a notice on hp about him leaving?
  2. In one of the articles our former manager was blamed for letting go Borini and Tore...
  3. He's been improving for past few months. But of course it's typical that he improved yesterday, what else could we expect to hear.
  4. Why did Pep get so much praise for that winning record they had? I think a lot of members here are one sided and completly ignore arguments from the other side. People said he had the best team in Portugal, well when I say the same thing about Guardiola usual response is he has to manage that team. Hmm Have you read what begf said? Someone who was actually there last season...no of course you didn't. @Aussiedan You know he was an assistant manager for the past 8 months. He could have done that earlier.
  5. Happy for Roberto and few of the players. Others and board deserved ko.
  6. Are we allowed to celebrate Meireles goal?
  7. Don't understand what you want to say. Can you explain?
  8. Lmao laura. You posted an artecle in which he's saying what you want to hear, that doesn't prove that everything he wrote true.
  9. Imo it's just an option since Bos and Ash are both injured. It doesn't mean he's fully ready or going to play.
  10. You guys know that those stats in that picture don't make any sense. By that logic I'm a top student based on this semester
  11. Kalou was awful in his 10 minutes against Bolton. Don't expect too much. Raul playing instead of Lampard. Hahahahahaha.
  12. I think Frank doesn't want to accept the fact that he's past his prime. He played quite a lot this season, and wasn't dropped for Meireles as some of guys here claim. A lot of times they played together.
  13. What dBM7 said about Kobe makes sense. Another example is Totti this season.
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