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  1. Saw that goal from Lewandowski against Dortmund right now? He's 33 years old and faster than Lukaku. THIS is what I call a "real striker"
  2. But Lukaku has more Twitter likes
  3. Kepa is trending on Twitter right now
  4. People say Lukaku is world class under Conte. I call this BS. It's the same ManUtd Lukaku
  5. It was a good time guys. Now they play against Tuchel.
  6. WTF happenend to him? Since he was activity on Twitter, he's bad af. Like Rashford We need a real striker. Different season, same problem
  7. Why matches against ManUtd look so easy for everyone? They are our Kryptonite
  8. You right, but... Christensen is world class since months.
  9. 8 starts in a row for CHO. "CHO shOuLD gO On loAn hiS talENt iS waStiNg at CheLseEA"
  10. What happenend to Christensen and Mount?
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