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  1. Only blackmark people may hold against her now, is the ESL initial decision, seeing as she would of been involved in that decision you’d think as the director of the club. But that’s understandable.
  2. Ceferin has called Agnelli everything under the sun in the last 2/3 days, I think that bridge is burned. Rumours are he is also considering resigning from Juventus heavily after this. Tbf if Juventus come out of the super league, if they want their say to be heard now they may need to remove that gobshite from his position and appoint someone else. Same with all these clubs. These guys are effectively tainted now. Woodward is the first to go, Agnelli could be next, dont rule out changes in the 6 PL clubs board rooms yet either. Fans are definitely not happy in other leagues, don’t kn
  3. Lot of rumours of a god knows pages long document. Graeme Souness mentioned it on sky also IIRC. And also the process to get this off the ground and in motion would have required more than a letter of intent you’d think? Who knows, anyway if we get out unscathed and it buries this super league shit once and for all its all that matters. Now just to reform the CL in a way that also does the clubs who win leagues in Scotland, Holland, Austria etc a favour should be the next step. Hopefully this can be the kick start of UEFA trying to make amends and reintroduce these clubs to the fold
  4. Still has to be repercussions for the clubs. Be it heavy fines or whatever. And also internally the clubs need to sort their shit out. Cant kick us out of competitions now this season which is good but I wouldn’t be surprised if they still pushed to try ban all 12 teams in next seasons CL. Or do something to send a message. Plus there will inevitably be money exchanged to get out this super league. Theres no way a 23 year commitment agreement that is “legally binding” can just be walked out of After a change of heart.
  5. Yes win midfield battles more he would of helped. I certainly don’t underestimate Kante’s role as he is a world class player on his day still but we didn’t win tonight because he didn’t play. Its all good winning the back and getting to the final third but that’s when your players need to make the difference. I imagine you seen how many folk were slagging how many times Kante gave the ball away v City too at the weekend/how many attacks he messed up in the match thread when it was on going or even participated... And again, you were talking about counter pressing as if its the onl
  6. Fully agree. With regards to Ziyech and Pulisic I was disappointed but it was a tough game and you cannot play well every game. Mason played deeper and maybe it wasn’t great in a 2 either as it restricts him getting into those pockets and being the player most likely to link midfield and attack as he has done in previous games. The obvious shit surrounding ESL obviously affected the players maybe and Tuchel just said on sky he felt we were maybe distracted and maybe tired but ultimately he seems disappointed and reckons we did not deserve to win.
  7. Aye, in theory thats how it works. Correct. Throwing it out there as if it would of definitely done so isn’t a guarantee. Even more so saying one man would make the difference it relies on the whole team working together as a unit for it to work. The way your talking about it is as if Kante is winning the ball back from 11 players himself... counter pressing, its a team effort and tonight the intensity wasn’t there from most of of our players so it likely would of still been ineffective.
  8. Kante would of covered the gaps and maybe tightened us up in midfield but he wouldn’t have contributed a great deal more in offensive actions. Offensive players have to do better indeed but even then the intent didn’t look there, you can get games where your plugging away and the final ball is just never right but you get a lucky break or a shot deflecting in or you cause a mistake etc as we seen for Chilly’s goal v Porto but we didn’t even do enough to get that. Tuchel will not be happy for sure. The line up wasn't that bad to start with tbf the issue was more the teams applicatio
  9. Not a great game. Not ideal but again, the changes made and this teams lack of finding a way to win when not playing great, we need to find this extra edge or force this extra break of the ball or piece of luck or whatever. Big 2 points dropped. Still 5 or 6 games though dont throw the towel in yet.
  10. wouldn’t go that far bud how many beers you on? Wasnt great but seen worse.
  11. Yeah fully agree. If its binding and they go ahead with the league and we dont join/get out, there will be some sort of action from them. Unfortunately the clubs stupidity in joining in the first place now has potentially damned us either way.
  12. Dont get me wrong I am ecstatic we are leaving it but we still need to see now. And there should still be repercussions of some sort, particularly at board level. These contracts if legally binding were 23 year commitments. Thats not going to be easy to back out off and it potentially risks the super league if they go ahead, which hopefully they wont, seeking retribution for breaking these contracts. Lets hope they weren’t legally binding but I would imagine most of these sort of things are more than likely. The other teams fans and players meed to keep going, everyone still
  13. Because people go through flavour of the month and they think that because someone else is being talked about as this or that they discover another player it automatically degrades the quality of everyone else I mean remember the fuss around us signing Higuain and not Piatek? Ironically haven’t heard anyone mention him since. Sule’s been pretty much a nailed on regular for Bayern and Germany since going there, you dont do that if your a poor player. His injuries were unlucky but hes fully recovered and for 30 m would be a steal aye.
  14. Brighton looking hard to break down. I think the changes has maybe also disrupted the team. Could do with Gilmour/Kante and Hudson-Odoi for one of the front three and James. Push Mount higher.
  15. James delivery not great there. Sometimes just need to do something different, the application is good though just the final product.
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