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  1. We had one shot, mate. Off target. Why focus on Liverpool ? We didn't create anything. Pretending to be a Burnley and relying of being absolutely perfect defensively for 90 minutes to get something out of the game. It's unacceptable.
  2. I can't even put into words how disappointed I am with Frank tactics today. Injuries or not, we play like super inferior side who happen to have a quick player up front. Whole tactic is waiting to find space behind defence to exploit with Timo's pace. I really don't get that midfield trio, so held back. On the other hand Kante has been incredible. Clearly the best player in our side.
  3. That's what you get when you play for a draw. You need to be absolutely perfect. You make one mistake and your whole plan is ruined.
  4. Koulibaly is a millionaire. He's the highest earning player in Napoli EVER. I'm not too sure that's how racism works.
  5. Imagine having Ruben Loftus-Cheek alongside him (I actually think that's a very possible scenario). People will seriously jump on them every time we draw a match, let alone lose one. "They don't give a crap about a badge, put some effort in FFS ! Kante is the only one who cares in that midfield" Can't wait for that You do realize we're in the 3rd week of what will be 10-week transfer window, right ?
  6. I won't miss his overweight passes, that's for sure. The amount of time those passes, those simple 5-10 metres passes that he somehow managed to screw time and time again gave me rage boost far too many times. I stopped screaming at the screen after another failed attempt around 2016 but still sometimes my rage got the better of me and I couldn't contain myself but scream incessantly like a mad man. Really, what the hell man, how someone clearly so talented with such silky, smooth technique and touch couldn't correctly adjust the weigh of the pass for so long. And he never actually improved in
  7. No one actually noticed that he announced his departure on his birthday ?
  8. His form right now diefies all logic. He was the only dead certain youngster that you could bet your best bet that he's going to make it, in short and long run is going to be huge for this club because he's solid, steady, reliable, build like a tank with some amazing traits and some people even had the audacity to claim that Azpilicueta should never get a contract extension because a) he's washed up and b ) he'll throw a tantrum in the dressing room because he's being replaced by Reece. How things have changed ! Now Azpilicueta is the only reliable option in that defence and for a brief momen
  9. IMO our squad in the 2013/14 season was the best we had for in the last decade. Shame that we decided to spend so much on 6th attacking midfielder instead of central midfielder or a striker.
  10. Would love to see this match played tomorrow. I think it'd be completely different. Morata, Bakayoko, Cesc, Alonso and Hazard looked absolutely knackered. Well done to TV companies. I can't criticize Conte too much. He maybe should have started Pedro. Bringing on Willian, who should be punished for this shitshow, he tries so hard to be the most hated Chelsea player in recent memory, was huge mistake. As will be benching Andreas Christensen who is amazing. It's a pity that we don't have any squad depth.
  11. He played in every game that Conte was in charge so far. Including EVERY possibile minute in 42 Premier League games. Se queda.
  12. Jeez, what a beast. Love him already. He brushes opponents like he wants while he still can control the ball very tight. This is the player we needed for years.
  13. If only I knew that "/" stands for divided by as in "G/xG" - goals divided by expected goals. Because I thought "/" should be read as "or" - goals or expected goals. That was confusing, now it's very clear mate. I will of course read how they come up with numbers in expected goals calculations. Hopefully there won't be many confusions or shenanigans. Tables in general are created to show something in easy way so if they are more difficult to read than text that's frustrating. Could you also point me to how to read those players radars? I have no clue why different players have different
  14. I hate those radars and tables. Never have a slightest clue what is going on and how to read them. What's xG ? And how Aguero needs 50 shots to score 0.15 goal ? So he needs well over 300 shots to get one goal ? (50/0.15 > 300)
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