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  1. No one. Only Arsenal and maybe Villa with Grealish money will even come close.
  2. City will get him I feel - seems like the time has come for a move for Grealish.
  3. No agreement on Kounde. Sevilla asking for 45m euros + Zouma via Fabrizio.
  4. Best 3rd choice keeper in a while? Better than Turnbull, Hilario, Schwarzer at 41, Caballero. Feel like I've missed a few keepers but don't remember when we had a 29 year-old keeper as third choice. Perhaps he wanted to stay in London - his dad is a academy GK coach at Fulham too.
  5. Posturing to attract a big bid. They did the same with Sancho and United didn't go for it. I wonder if Dortmund will be wary of that and accept the first bid this year with Haaland.
  6. In my mother tongue in India, Kounde means ass
  7. When so many teams are pressing high up and hardly any top team plays a CB like Zouma regularly. For the longest time, we have been trying to do away with hoofball too. Sarri's 4-3-3 and Tuchel's 3-4-3 play out of the back and the latter won the Champions League without really breaking a sweat. I don't see Zouma getting minutes under Tuchel other than being thrown on when closing out games. Firmly the 5th choice CB under him at the moment.
  8. On course for 10 updates from Fab before there's anything new or concrete.
  9. Conveniently ignoring how bad Zouma was under Tuchel and how uncomfortable he looked in a ball-playing role. Zouma's set-piece goals last year - Brighton, Palace, Burnley, Leeds, Palace - Just one of them in a tight game vs Leeds.
  10. Gallagher in the pivot is interesting.
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