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  1. Not a fan of the 21-22 kits. Are they official?
  2. Win vs Arsenal (up to 67 points) and job done I think West Ham cannot catch and Liverpool will need 4 out of 4 to catch
  3. Just like the 3-0 in 2016 prompted the switch to a back 3 and the winning run that won the league for Conte
  4. Southampton miss a sitter and Liverpool score at the other end
  5. Zouma pen call alone. Otherwise on top
  6. I take it back. Tuchel has got his team hunting even when 1-0 down. Good comeback into the match, bit lucky to win
  7. That penalty call aside, it was a good second half. Deserved!
  8. Ziyech is the best backup winger in the league
  9. The team has hardly trailed under Tuchel and its an issue.
  10. Yep. Spurs look done. Tough to go above Leicester or Chelsea now.
  11. Bloody hell. That was not good for the heart but FINALS ! Huge performances across the pitch
  12. James for Azpilicueta at wing back and this would be my team
  13. True I am still scarred by this night
  14. These are saves I think Kepa cannot do
  15. This should be over by now. Ziyech sigh
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