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  1. One year left but told Bayern he won’t extend.
  2. I think he’ll still leave within the next year or two..just PSG will get a transfer fee and unless the spanish clubs get their finances sorted then it won’t be them.
  3. Gvardiol and Colwill for LCB be sweet.Gvardiol be solid cover for LB when we play a back 4. If we say sign Gvardiol and Koundes then we set for a strong back 3 with what we already got but could need different players for a back 4..Trev don’t really have much value in a back 4 so the question they need to consider is do they go all in on one formation,system e.g Conte,Pep,Klopp or look to be more flexible.
  4. I am like most Chelsea fans eternally grateful to Roman but there were “wasted years” during his reign.we had success inspite of things that really were counter productive. TB may not quite have Roman’s desire to spend so much (although Roman’s desire to spend did wane over time) but if it’s spent more wisely then less can be more.i expect to see much more stability at the club,no more certain players being more important than top head coaches.we got a great head coach in Tuchel and i expect him to be with us more longterm than anyone was under Roman.we can be built for more sustainable succes
  5. He gave some great performances but always had a fragile side to him that was never far from the surface. His supersub performance in the European cup final last year went a huge way towards our victory and so he should always have some love. But very sour how it ended,i’m thinking after Vinicious embarressed him he was scared of another big game meltdown that might scupper his Barcelona move. As a side note when Thiago went down early and Sarr was warming up i was about to walk home..but least Sarr has heart even if he’s totally out of his depth in upper level english football.
  6. Burning airlines give you so much more.has an unnerving habit of coming on my shuffle just as i’m about to board a plane in asia..which having a Japanese wife means quite often.
  7. Luton away was the final straw..just pouring vinegar in the wound every time i see him now. Colwill can’t come back fast enough!
  8. Sarr gotta be the worst defender we’ve had this century .When him and Lukaku start we are essentially starting games with 9 players,one of which was AC.we need to upgrade the squad anyway and if we lose Rudi then it needs to be alot more.brings the whole team down a few levels without him.
  9. Roman saw what was coming,remember he was being targetted long before Putin sent in others to die for what he wants. i’m more pissed off with how he and us are being targetted than the fact Roman is no longer going to be our owner. Although eternally grateful to Roman,there’s some aspects of his ownership that has shot us in the foot many times.we’ve won more than anyone would have expected.in my childhood the limit of my Chelsea dreams was maybe one day i’d see us win one FA cup.we’ve had some truly great coaches that should have had more time and with having Tuchel who really is someone
  10. Probably not but is 10 years younger.and whilst it's clear that Tuchel sees him as his heir apparent as he can cover RB and RCB.Dave is a fighter and looks far from ready to give up his spot for at least another,maybe 2 years. It's a shame Livramento didn't hang around as would have been ideal to have in the squad now as depth for RWB,and James could cover for RCB along with Trev. Kounde was always not really that important for now even though I hoped he would join us.
  11. Quality signing ,best possible deal.
  12. Not backing him would be not trying to sign anyone he wants,not wanting to commit to a player beyond this season is another matter. Next year then can have Conor and Billy back,may want to go for Rice or Bellingham then. Good to keep options open.
  13. I don't think it's a case of not trusting Tuchel's judgement atall.more a case of a combination of other factors.1) we have Conor and Billy waiting in the wings.2) I don't see Saul being a flop but may be just so so we as has been evidenced many times in the Roman era,we buy players at either fair or inflated prices, when we want to offload some ,those clubs want to take the piss with loans or bargain guys or worse we just get stuck with them being in our books. the reported 34m ain't a bad price but see what salary he would then have. I think one of Kovacic,Jorginho or Saul would leave n
  14. Wonder why Tuchel never seems to be linked with any of his former players when you consider how much talent he's coached at BD and PSG including those who already left those clubs like Weigl etc..4th CM is a tough sell behind our front 3 and with Conor and Billy on the books..
  15. Would love Kounde and Saul.epic squad with those 2 additions. Have been hoping for Moriba for the 4th CM spot as thought we could get a young bargain,even though is always the risk they want to return there in the future.would have been content with the 4th CM being a shared spot between a few already on our books including Mount against certain teams.but at least for this season with those two we would be serious contenders in every competition.
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