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  1. Two young defenders with good potential have left now for about the price we would have to pay for one.
  2. We were lucky we got to play in the much easier side of the draw really.we have enough talent to win any tournament these days but a manager who holds back too many that are ready (Grealish,Foden,Sancho,James) whilst pushing forward those who aren't (Saka) or just plain out of form (Henderson) it's felt from his selections/subs.throughout the tournament that he's treated it like a pre-season tournament for the WC. Great leadership from Kane too taking the first/least pressure penalty and giving the pressure pens to kids.that wasn't time for make a wish come true moment that was fookin ' child
  3. I'm married to a Japanese woman and I'm in man love with our 4 Germans.Is probably a good job my WW2 veteran relatives are all dead now..
  4. I've seen something like 25 managers at the bridge and I'd say tactically he's in the top 5.with potential to be at the top in the coming years.2012 was a bit of a fluke,deserved for those players who had been robbed when they would have been worthy champions of europe who eventually won the cup when they were arguably not even in Europe's top 10. This one though,at least just going from our European campaign,we were fookin' majestic and absolute worthy of being crowned champions. I see some of those who remained in the fringes,sometimes underperforming last season being more of a factor
  5. For the double pivot we gonna be hard pressed to sign anyone whose more established to come to us knowing there's Kante,Jorginho and Kovavic ahead of them.which leaves a youngster trying to establish themselves.which Conor fits the bill.could always have someone like Ampadu who can also cover that spot incase,somebody who can cover multiple positions even though I think Ethan focusing on one position now might better his career than the current role of at best becoming this generations Clayton Blackmore.
  6. Wonder what position Tuchel would try to use him.with so many of our players at the euros I can see why he'll give him a look this pre-season but would be surprised if he's actually in our 25 come the start of the season.good player but great clubs do let good players leave.
  7. Him or/Mbappe would be only additions I'd go for in our frontline.we have the money and prestige to pull it off.others with prestige are shopping in the bargain buckets.go for it Tommy T and Roman! For Haaland think something like 80-100m and one or two fringe players they may like should be enough but Dortmund don't always do the sensible thing when players are allowed to leave e.g. Not selling players when they can then only seeing them join Bayern for free.
  8. Last time was with bigger names but still more a collection of cup upsets,as for most of those big names it was their last hurrah.but in some ways it was like Greece winning the 2004 euros,we were champions of Europe but nowhere near the best team in Europe. This season I'd say we still weren't the best team in Europe due to our league season but we did perform like worthy champions during our European nights.and unlike 2012 this is the start not the end of glory years with the majority of this squad.
  9. I wouldn't loan him out.the injury he had and Tuchel needing to steady the ship and catch up as much as possible I think were the factors in him not playing enough this last season.he's ahead of the curve,mature beyond his years like Reece is although could argue mental understanding of the game Billy is ahead of RJ as RJ can find himself out of position when defending and his pace helps him recover.Billy is probably the most football mature teenage player we've had since Ray Wilkins. He'll get more time with us next season.
  10. I honestly wouldn`t trust Bats to poach an egg anymore. I`d prefer us to just roll with a youth player up front if we find ourselves in a position where Giroud or Tammy aren`t available.
  11. delighted by this move,classy player that will get bums off seats.and a fookin` bargain in todays market. abit of a shame that Ajax couldn`t keep the squad together to really return to the big time. spent a lot of time in Amsterdam in my younger days so have abit of a soft spot for them,but of course if they gonna break up that squad,rather them come to us that go elsewhere..got a feeling he won`t be the last Ajax player joining us. Van de Beek would be nice..
  12. i wouldn`t get rid of Kepa just yet and don`t believe the media reports where they suggest he won`t get another chance this season. but we do need to give him a proper rival for the starting birth. having Rob Green and Willy C..he hasn`t exactly had to fight for his place. not saying we should spend 50m plus but just somebody who Kepa would know he has to be on his A game or risk not playing for an extended period of time,perhaps permanently for us. there`s always the chance of a longterm injury too we need to be prepared for.
  13. would have liked to have seen him play infront of RJ at times. overlapping and covering each other.if I was Lamptey I would welcome playing that role too..England are set at RB with so much depth.would have a better chance getting in as a RW. the writing was on the wall when Frank kept him at basically just 3rd choice RB.
  14. tears of joy when young Reece scored the equalizer,even though I didn`t make it to the game this time nor see the goal on TV,it was at the exact moment my daughter was born. sounds like I would have loved the comeback even if going 4-1 down at home would have straightened out my usual pre-game float.
  15. Other two are grass roots and we have attempted to mow the lawn with a combine harvester. Is a shame really I haven't taken to women's football seeing as baby number 6 is on the way and they have all been girls so it's the only chance I got to see a kid of mine play for Chelsea. Youth I always had an interest in but waned in recent times due us not using them, that should change a bit now tho.
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