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  1. It’s been a turmoil few days for football, and more aptly it’s been a turmoil few days for Chelsea Football Club. In fact, this whole European Super League fiasco will go down as one of the craziest major events in the history of this sport, I mean, it even got the Prime Minister of the […] View the full article
  2. The quite remarkable events of the last few days, with the birth and death of a European Super League, plus the excellent results of the last few months in the Champions League and FA Cup have overshadowed just how perilously close Chelsea are to missing out on finishing in the top four. The loss to […] View the full article
  3. Roman Abramovich is a humble man, a man of honour, and a man of respect. No I don’t know the man personally, none of us do, but take some time to take a step back and it all becomes clear. First and foremost, football is a business, and these businesses MUST always look for ways […] View the full article
  4. It’s like being punched in the face by your own Mother, like being cheated on by your partner, like being let down by those you love. Chelsea, have completely ignored the feelings of their fans and their own players as they confirmed their intentions to play in the European Super League. Whilst you’re here Chelsea […] View the full article
  5. We have come to the second week of our series of transfer polls, and we only have a few more left to run. It’s been an interesting experiment so far gauging the thoughts and views of Blues fans on what they want to see happen in the summer transfer window. Whilst you’re here Chelsea fans, […] View the full article
  6. Chelsea are into the Champions League semi finals, and this season is suddenly coming into focus. It doesn’t feel long ago that we were just starting out on this mammoth campaign, watching new signings take to the pitch for the first time. Now the Blues are into the crucial month of the whole thing. The […] View the full article
  7. Welcome back to today’s edition of transfer polls, where we have been asking you the fan which player you want to see Chelsea sign this summer, and who you want to see sold. You can find the first series of potential players you want to see signed this summer, right here. This week we have […] View the full article
  8. Welcome back to our series of transfer polls we are conducting to gauge fans interest in which players they want to see the club sign this summer, and who they want the club to sell. We finished the potential arrivals series of polls last week, you can check out the results of that here. But […] View the full article
  9. Thomas Tuchel has a number of potential squad decisions to make this summer, especially in the defensive department. Antonio Rudiger, Andreas Christensen, and Cesar Azpilicueta all have contracts that run out next summer, so if the club are looking to get any money for them they will need to sell them this summer, other than […] View the full article
  10. We conclude our series of transfer polls today with the final poll for potential arrivals. We have been asking followers to vote on who they want to see Chelsea sign this summer in three key positions. We will soon be conducting polls for potential player departures and who you would like to see sold this […] View the full article
  11. In the next of our series of polls we have been asking Chelsea fans this week, is the turn of the central defensive midfielders and potential Chelsea targets. We will be taking these polls into next week, you can see the latest one here on which position must be priority, and the next one we […] View the full article
  12. Here is the second in my series of summer transfer related polls. Yesterday we started it off by asking you which striker the club must prioritise this summer, and our voters made their choice here. Chelsea have a genuine interest in signing Sergio Aguero this summer. For that and a whole lot more of the […] View the full article
  13. Chelsea beat Porto 2-0 in the away leg of their Champions League quarter final in Seville last night, but they never looked quite as comfortable as that final score suggests. There were moments of real defensive quality, some nice passages in midfield, and a couple of brilliant touches in attack, but ultimately it was a […] View the full article
  14. Chelsea are on the hunt for a new striker this summer, with a number of big names being linked. It appears the club are looking to bring in a ready-made striker who will come in and bang goals right away, without any concerns whether he will fail or not. Chelsea have a genuine interest in […] View the full article
  15. As I have explained in my latest Newsletter on Si Phillips Talks Chelsea, the club could well look to the free agent market once again this summer, just as they successfully did with Thiago Silva last summer. With the pandemic having effects on the financial situation in football across the board, there might be a […] View the full article
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