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  1. "For all his faults, Neymar also gets injured a lot because he exposes himself a lot. Never though eden did that especially when games turned rough as in physical. Again, the grit part." https://tenor.com/view/neymar-football-dive-gif-7797418 Grit, physical, rough.
  2. Oh you sweet talker you
  3. Next time say that then and not "Hazard isn't a player you can rely on".
  4. A no deal just isn't an option. It would be worst case scenerio for everyone involved. Real don't get their much needed quality injection. Hazard doesn't get his dream move and we'd end up with an unhappy Hazard for a year, at the end of which he'd stil go but leave us with no money whatsoever to replace him with.
  5. My response was objective. I stated 3 facts. Hazard has got the most goal contributions in the PL this season, Hazard has been directly involved in 49 % of our goals and Hazard has been a key player in our last 2 PL titles. There's nothing to dispute there which is probably the reason why you decided to go with cheap sarcastic digs instead of actually trying to dispute them. How is it Hazard's fault that the quality of the squad has been declining over the past years because the board continues to spend money on shit players like Drinkwater and Bakayoko ? Yes and next se
  6. So let me get this straight; the guy with the most goal contributions in the PL this season 16 goals 15 assists, directly involved in 49 % of our goals. Key player in our last 2 PL titles can't be relied on ? I swear the shit you read on this forum.
  7. We're a club that has to stay close to break even net spend wise. This season we've spent 80 million on Kepa, 57 milion on Jorginho and 64 million on Pulisic. Only player we sold was Courtois for 35 million. We need to bring money in this summer.
  8. There was foreshadowing of this yes but what i'm saying is that the "leap" was too big. In the beginning of season 8 she was still trying to save people. She was still very much a good person (with yes a bit of an edge at times and overly tendency to want people to bend the knee) up until season 8 ep 5. Then ep 5 hits and she goes full psycho killing women, children and essentally becoming the biggest villain in this story. If they went this route i wish they would have more gradually shown her slipping into that crazy targaryen persona. Now it just feels incredibly rushed (as the e
  9. Yeah there were moments of cruelty but i could always understand why she did what she did. There was always some reasoning behind it. Like burning the Tarlys. I had no problem with it because she gave them a choice. But burning women, children and soldiers that had surrendered like why ? She had won, the city was hers why then destroy it all and kill everyone. It doesn't make any sense.
  10. Just watched ep 5 The story is just so ridiculous in season 8. Like i'm sorry but Dany goes from being " i wanna free people from tyranny" to burning women and children in the fucking streets. Like come on now.
  11. You seriously expect people to believe that it's just a coincidence that you joined this forum the exact day Salah was anounced ? I could have believed you if it was some time before or after he was anounced but the exact day ? You really are full of shit
  12. Funny you should mention fanboys. LAM09 JOINED January 23, 2014 "On 23 January 2014, Chelsea announced that a deal had been agreed with Basel to bring Salah to London for a fee reported to be in the region of £11 million." You're Egyptian right ? Joining the forum the same time as a fellow Egyptian joins the team isn't that an interesting "coincidence". Should i ask how the Liverpool forums are ?
  13. Oh stop. If you wanted to have a proper discussion you wouldn't have started it with this "I'll take the start of your username and look no further." Did you really think i'd just ignore that and not respond to it. Stop playing the victim.
  14. Really? That's all you can come up with ? So disappointing.
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