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  1. Messi - Adidas Ronaldo - Nike Barcelona - Nike Real Madrid - Adidas Juventus (best team in italy)- Nike Bayern Munich (best team in germany) - Adidas PSG (best team in france) - Nike
  2. If you're a big club... the two biggest sports brands in European football WILL offer you a contract. Puma would not have even got a meeting with Arsenal!.... if they had kept on winning things with Nike. Same goes for Liverpool and Adidas.
  3. Nike & Adidas would have matched and double/quadrupled a new contract for Arsenal/Liverpool if they were a club they wanted to be associated with. How can you not understand this logic?, Puma would NOT be able to offer the same deal to Real Madrid. Same goes for NB and Barcelona.
  4. As a kid you want the Nike shirts, the Adidas boots Beckham/Messi is wearing, so your mind is already on that brand level. Chelsea not being with one of the big two would be suicide and would scream 'small time'. The football world knows the cycle.. Arsenal - becomes shit... loses Nike Liverpool - becomes shit... loses Adidas
  5. Image is everything, Chelsea being associated with a status symbol makes us more desirable for incoming fans, and this isn't just for 'selling shirts', I'm referring to all levels. Nike & Adidas are worlds apart from the rest and can market the Chelsea brand the most effectively.
  6. Under Armour have made the ugliest kits in the history of football, Macron actually aren't that bad.. but they scream 'small time'.
  7. The Chelsea brand is only stronger in collaboration with the other big brands. Switching from Adidas or Nike only represents decline in European football. Even if Nike had offered less than UA, we would have made more revenue in the long run with Nike, due to their reach and status. You're out of your depth discussing a top like this tbh, clearly you no nothing of marketing/brand awareness.
  8. Those Tottenham kits are the ugliest things I've ever seen. Nike is Nike, the most successful sports brand in world history and synonymous with the beautiful game, it's also the most recognisable logo in world history. And now Chelsea FC is their flagship sponsor in the Premier League.
  9. UA is stuck in the US bubble, and it really suits american sports actually, Nike & Adidas are more stylish so it's suits us europeans more (on a cultural note). UA have a LONG way to go before even making a dent in European football, they'd need to sign up Messi or Ronaldo, or get one of the big 4 clubs, and even then.. it won't be enough, they'd need to destroy the two most successful sports brands in world history. There isn't room for 3 big players, hence why it's always been Nike-Adidas.. then Puma/Umbro etc battling it out amongst themselfs.
  10. Haven't bought a kit since 2008. Still care about the clubs image. "Everyone judges a book by it's cover" - Steve Jobs
  11. Great news!, maintains the big club image in a time of uncertainty. If Under Armour are going to try and break the Adidas/Nike monopoly in European football they need to start with Bayern, Madrid or Barcelona.
  12. Why would it piss off Spurs?, Nike want them.. the most iconic and culture defining brand in european football along with adidas. Only small clubs are outside the Nike/Adidas bubble.
  13. Youth level: "We have the most technically gifted player for you, a godly first touch, great agility/speed and vision, can read the game etc etc..." First team: "how tall is he?" Youth level: "excuse me?...
  14. Seems you can't get into the first team as a youth unless you resemble an NBA player, it's almost as if their is a height/physique ratio to pass before touching the turf at the Bridge. Scary, considering all the Messi/Hazard-esc players that may slip through the net.
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