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  1. This guy left the EPL at age 26(!) as the #20 on the EPL ALL TIME Top Scorers list. Pretty unsuccessful indeed .
  2. Clash between two club icons! Lamps for the win (again :)!!)
  3. SPOT ON! Then sometimes buying the most amazing gifts. But since your wife always thinks you buy shitty things, she's not even putting effort in it and barely uses any of them. In the end gives it away to her friends who cannot believe how stupid your wife is to give all these jewels away for peanuts!!! Salah, KDB, De Bruyne, Ake, Traore,...
  4. I read a lot of comments that he's too old now. Don't blame me :). Been telling this since 2011 I just saw in this post above :p! On Topic: 'old' but surely worth the money! I would still GO for it!
  5. Buying ZAHA for £80 million with Batsman on the bench would be 'the final shot' for me as it comes to trust in our board/management. Zaha has 2 goals & 2 assists in 1375 minutes this season. Michy has 1 goal & 2 assists in 96(!!!!!) minutes => 10 games, coming from the bench 10 times with only 4 games where he got more than 10 minutes. On top of that he's 1 year older than Michy ! If they push through on him, this would the XXX th time that I'm totally mindblown on how the club's transfer policy works ... I'm out
  6. We of all people know best that Eden doesn't like pre season friendlies right. I expect that he will explode once competition starts (that is on the pitch, not out of his shorts :)!
  7. I think it is a nice way to end Eden's passage by showing a video of him when he was only 10 years old! His youth team (Braine) got in the 1/4 finals of the belgian Youth cup. Starting at 00:26 seconds, interviewer asks him if he's feeling allright: "a little bit stressed. But I feel good about myself!". "What would you think the result will be" => EDEN on a very cute and typical Eden way "we will lose! OH no wait, we're are gonna wait. But I don't know how much"! After the game, which they lost 6-0 (their first loss of the season) Eden gets back in front of the camera at 02:12. "was it i
  8. Eden's season in review
  9. I would take him back next season! Surely will be more productive than Giroud & Higuain if given same amount of time!
  10. 7 years ago this funny little Belgian guy arrived at the bridge. Amazingly talented, one of football best dribblers in the world. Already in his first game he made an impact with his signature spin move followed by an inch perfect assist to Ivanovic, a few minutes later proved himself too quick for Wigan's defence => penalty. Little did we knew then that this little boy, who breaths football joy, would be one of the most composed penalty takers the football world has ever seen! The fact that his last ball touch at the Bridge was a vital spot kick to send us to the EL Final is a great way to
  11. "It hasn't quite worked out for Michy Batshuayi yet at Chelsea. The Belgian striker has scored 19 times for the Blues in 53 appearances since joining in 2016..." Knowing he was used as a sub in 90% of the games.... those numbers aren't too bad at all!
  12. Pretty sure he will do great for Crystal Palace. But he will have to prove himself in the EPL for sure! In Belgium at Standard, in French League at Marseille & in the Bundesliga at Dortmund... he has been awesome and sheer quality! Also with the Belgium National team he's sort of a super sub who always scores when given minutes! Some of the fans even would like him to start ahead of Lukaku. Just to show how much we believe in his quality. It just didn't work for Chelsea & Valencia. But I expect that the Valencia failure has more to do with personal issues (between him & coach,
  13. IMO they would better loan out some of our staff! WTF are you doing to Batsman?! He would always be added value to our squad!
  14. Calling our world class player a cunt if he would stay at the club ???!!!!!! Mind blowing, really mind blowing!!! I don't think you understand how rare it is in this modern football era for a player of his quality to stay loyal to a club (already 7!!!!!! seasons now). The only other one I can think of is Messi. But the list of other is endless... starting with Ronaldo! Damn right he should leave by the way! He's been carrying the team for many years now without quality input to help him! A player of his quality deserves more!! Respect from the club... but especially from the fans! I
  15. Currently ranked 22nd on the ALL TIME Premier League top scorers list with 109 goals. At the age of 25 he already surpassed Drogba, Scholes, Adebayor, Van Nisterlooy, Bergkamp, Solskjaer, Berbatov, Tevez, Cantona, etc... Surely he shouldn't be on that list . Please don't say silly things! Get your facts right
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