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  1. They do undergo medical checkups, but yeah, not everything is easily detected. Keep in mind Eriksen didnt even play 2000 minutes this season though, so I doubt he's too overloaded. But who knows, no point speculating in what exactly went wrong. That they had to give heart massage and so on however showed it was very serious, and so many broadcasters not cutting the signal was mind boggling. But also shocking how the camera men kept trying to film what was happening, in between players legs... or zoomed in on his girlfriend/wife. Quite disgusting behaviour. Finland were playing decent with
  2. Tuchel you are the biggest fucking bottler football has ever seen. Fire him after this match please, get Avram Grant in or something for the finale. Thanks.
  3. Absolutely horrible lineup from Tuchel again. Hakim is a blind passenger, Werner still a trash dog, Azpilicueta on wing back is just not very good....... This doesnt hurt as much as the CL finale will, when he also bottles that.
  4. It's like people never watched football, and never noticed how often keepers go to the side like that, to help in case the defenders/midfielders gets pressured.
  5. lmao same. i cant stand kepa, but even i cant blame him here.
  6. People blaming Kepa here are amazing. He is shit, but this goal was not on him at all. You never play your keeper in direction of the goal. There is a reason he and every other keeper goes to the side in those situation. Jorginho just had yet another of his idiot moments
  7. how does he not stay onside there. jesus fucking christ
  8. It's a pretty fucking embarrassing moment, but not as embarrassing as the world cup in qatar sadly.
  9. Considering he was one of the main men behind the whole thing, and already an unpopular person in the fan circles before all this... This would never have worked out when ESL started crashing.
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