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  1. It's really impressive that you could type and submit that post using just your ass cheeks.
  2. This was pointed out by other fans. Can someone explain the 2 different trophies? It's obvious they're not the same if you look at the shape of the handles.
  3. Actually Jose brought Malouda and didn't promise Robben a starting spot. I reckon the reason was his injury record.
  4. Players like him hardly decline I think, kinda like Pirlo, Zlatan, and well, Thiago Silva.
  5. He's worked so hard for 9 years. RB, LB, RCB, CB, and RWB. What an inspiration, what a legend.
  6. The most beautiful thing is that we won this in style, no controversy, no "undeserving" narratives. Literally no one has any negative thing to say. Cheers, lovely people!
  7. We just need an early 2nd half goal. We can do it!
  8. Honestly, my biggest wish when I started supporting Chelsea was to witness the club lift the CL trophy once, so I'm not really scared of losing because I know the team can put on a solid performance regardless. However, a victory today would be so sweet because of the entitled nature of the opponents both club and fans.
  9. This is quite possibly the greatest embarrassment in the history of sports.
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