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  1. We just need an early 2nd half goal. We can do it!
  2. Honestly, my biggest wish when I started supporting Chelsea was to witness the club lift the CL trophy once, so I'm not really scared of losing because I know the team can put on a solid performance regardless. However, a victory today would be so sweet because of the entitled nature of the opponents both club and fans.
  3. Here comes Papa Florentino to save football! What a fucking tool.
  4. This is quite possibly the greatest embarrassment in the history of sports.
  5. Those are actual reasons not excuses. No team has won the PL without any transfer activity nor with a notably young team.
  6. I strongly disagree. Not to mention that this season we have Zouma, Tomori, James, Pulisic, Mount, Batshuayi and Abraham. None of them played for us last season.
  7. It was to point out that Sarri benefitted from Hazard significantly, thus proving that Lampard is handling a tougher situation and probably doing a much better job with the squad that he has.
  8. If Lampard had Hazard at his disposal you wouldn't be saying that. We would have been a whole lot more comfortable.
  9. I would follow Lampard to the fucking abyss. The team is growing and learning from each negative result, no need to disrupt the process.
  10. To all of you saying they want Lamps out: you will never ever find another coach with the same passion he has for us. This passion is worth all the trophies in the world to me.
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