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    • Perhaps it belongs more to The Board thread, but yeah, the idea of relying on all the recruited staff (players/coaches/sporting department) to suddenly massively overperform after big-money move here just because they had shown a minimal bit of potential, way below of what we need, elsewhere as reliable tactic to build top-level club is something I still can't understand, yet the Board seem to be all in for it, despite the returns are rather grim so far. When was the last time such thing ac
    • Ooo maybe they're more our level...or not who knows.
    • 👍 I also envy folks here who believe we are in a "normal" situation: quality group of players being held back by a less than optimal manager and that a mere swap, apparently with another B-lister, would significantly improve our game. I look at the players on the pitch and have no idea where this improvement will come from.
    • I envy our owners burning hundreds of millions like it was Monopoly money, that's one thing. Second thing is: The outcome of super-duper detailed, careful and high-tech, 0% chance miss-process, that trashed high-profile managers and led to Poch appointment is apparently a trainwreck, what could be pretty easily foreseen by most of sane people, without employing the board with million+ salaries and cutting edge data analysis. Are we even serious anymore? Not even mentioning it's pretty
    • Not expecting him to be prime Cesc but I can't handle his passing.  Always taking the easy route and passing sideways or backwards
    • It's that or let Russia completely take out of the map Ukraine... And Russia will get more stronger if they take Ukraine, not good for anyone in the long term. 
    • Get him out 
    • PRE/POST-MATCH DISCUSSION, LIVE CHAT AND ANALYSIS Wednesday 28th February 2024 FA Cup Stamford Bridge 7:30pm UK
    • Yup it's complicated... the cost is always high. We won't have a whole lot of choice If Russia does not stop with Ukraine tho. Trump is another variable -- Putin may feel encouraged to keep going with Trump as the US pres.
    • That's hard to believe considering how little his contribution up front has been. Like I don't really see evidence he's capable of doing that right now. He's a good disrupter, a *ball-winning mid* and that's about it. I hope Lavia adds a new dimension to our midfield otherwise we are fucked. yep. MacAllister is a good passer and a good player. He's also more experienced. We still hope Caicedo improves, but I prefer players of McAllister mould, personally.
    • Chelsea have had a dreadful season all told, full of moments of brief hope combined with devastating losses like the one we suffered yesterday at Wembley. All of this is rather contrary to expectation. We brought in a new manager and spent a lot of money and there was a lot of hope about our […]View the full article
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