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  1. Didn't we play against Zenit like million times already?
  2. Brana finally smiled when he pulled our name! Group H it is.
  3. What are those things flying on the pitch?!
  4. Fiola's celebration beside that woman is going to be a meme in coming days.
  5. It was few months before the 2012 CL I joined TC. I just started my career after finishing the studies back then. A lot of things happened since, personally and professionally.. During these times I dreamed of the day Chelsea coming to India for a friendly as they promised (which didn't happen by the way), but then I got the oppurtunity to see couple of our pre season friendlies in Singapore. Then two years before I travelled to UK for work and I finally visited Stamford Bridge, watched two Champions League matches. While I was at the bridge I couldnt belive it is the same place that
  6. Did it really happen?!. OMG. Champions of Europe.
  7. Went to the Bridge one last time before leaving the UK. Next time when I come here I want to see a new stadium.
  8. If had got 3 points off that Westham game the difference between us and city would be just 3 points. Damn, this has been a long season.
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