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  1. CHO is a massive talent, but clearly he lacks a lot of qualities to make him a potential starter. Not a good finisher, not good at vision, lacks discipline. This is a season to forget for him.
  2. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh Cesc I wish you had Lampard's shooting ability
  3. Fabregas best CFC player by far. Great Cesc mathc
  4. First time I come here since a long time just to say that THIS IS SOME FUCKING GREAT NEWS, glad he's gone, yesterday on camera he seemed happy with the win, maybe he was happy to leave on a victory over Mourinho, nonetheless, absolutely buzzing for his departure
  5. Strong team, I use them always on season mode, won the division 1 two times with them, Willian & Pedro are underrated in FIFA, one is so clinical, the other got stamina & speed. but Kanté is the beast of the team.
  6. I truly hope Mahrez signs, Conte will make him an absolute great RW, and we wont rely only on Hazard and Fab for the some creativity
  7. That was last season.The squad wont be able to deal with four competitions, and Antonio is smart enough to let go at least two if he starts the season with this squad. We were lucky to play three competitions with 13 essential players with barely no injuries, and we were lucky to find a manager who came with some great ideas. Call it luck or good medical departments, some constants from last season may actually change this time, we've seen it all before. Now, we are facing a serious task, continuity, and thats where everyone is pessimistic. We replaced Matic & Costa, added a defender
  8. Allowing others to do which thing ? As far as I remember, he was mainly destroying others initiatives to do something, Costa lost the least amount of technique he had when he first came, at one point this season, he was truely embarrassing but Conte had no other options. Matic had some great games, and was for the major part of the season, observing how others will actually score past us, defensively he was very poor, I dont have stats or so to help my argument, but If you watched all the games, it doesnt take an incredible amount of football geniuses to identify how useless he was on the back
  9. First of all, we dont know the story, we know a little portion from the victim, yes, victim, i'll come to that later on, so the way is of course as you said, a bitchy move, but maybe they spoke already about it since January, therefore, sending a text message confirming something they already spoke about face to face, isnt that bitchy, plus, Conte doesn't appear like someone who doesn't say important shit on your face, ask Terry when he knew he'll mainly watch from the stands this season, and also watch the captain's behavior. For me, this is just a way of making Costa appear as the victim.
  10. 04/05 will always be top, it was the first PL, all the others cant compare.
  11. Emotions are high but I think what Conte achieved is even harder than what Jose achieved in 04/05. Incredible how he turned this team into PL champions, we'll forever be grateful for his job, even tough we all know next season will be hard like hell and players will sleep.
  12. When you face the media sometimes two times a week, you are bound to make some mistakes, Conte made very few with them this season and definitely brought a breath of fresh air in that section that Mou literally raped with nasty comments and voyeurism, just like he is doing now. Maybe Conte should take some tips from politicians and the way they speak, maybe he'll master the art of actually saying nothing while still speaking to the press.
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