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  1. As a doctor I must say that unfortunately it doesn't mean we're out of the woods. Estonian media cited Danish sources saying he is in intensive care unit, that's wonderful news nevertheless. Everyone's thoughts are with him and his family.
  2. Seems reasnoble this. For me it's finding the fine balance between taking advantage of our position both achievement wise and financially in the market and keeping the inner-peace and togetherness in the squad. For me, personally, Lukaku would be a wrong choice, I'd rather try get Lewandowski if he's up for a challange. The publicity alone will repay his wages. I'd much rather take a "Demba Ba" if nothing reasnoble is on offer. I do feel Werner will come good, his movement and positional awareness, mentality is spot on. I'd much rather loan Tammy out to mid-table team like Arsenal (kidding!) a
  3. Congratulations! Deserved Champions! Remember - Super Cup and CWC incoming!
  4. Not to be provocative but in whatever field of life you are in, stay there, and don't dip into football management.
  5. Interesting stat here: Chelsea have scored 10 Premier League goals via corners this season, more than any other team. Indeed, the Blues last bagged more goals from corners in a single top-flight campaign in 2016-17 (13).
  6. Wow, what a humble and likeable guy. 22 years old!
  7. The timing of the statement makes me wonder. Could it be that discussions in the background did not satisfy the big clubs nor the possible discussions brought any compromise for neither side, and they wanted to make a statement to "one up" UEFA's imminent public proposal? Either way I'm more than certain that these things will play out - there's too much money on the line for all sides involved. And I must reiterate - UEFA/FIFA /... are NOT the victims, they're all the same.
  8. Oh and by the way, Pulisic is 20 years old. Win would be superb, of course, but this first half gives Chelsea so much reasons to see rays of hope going forward. Go on!
  9. Like your post and the points you make. Just to clarifty, Emerson represents Italy and has been selected a couple of times this year.
  10. I feel this was a game where the scoreline doesn't tell the whole story. As much as we shouldn't make long-term conclusions based on one game, United shouldn't be too confident going forward. I don't see them finishing top four this season. We're very much into the pre-season fitness and timeframe, still. Time will tell, but I do feel very positive looking at that youthful-energy in that Chelsea team. I really do think we played alright. What if we didn't concede a penalty? What if TA's and Emerson's strike didn't hit the woodwork? What if we didn't have as many game-changing injuries? Wh
  11. So much negativity. Brilliant signing, a potential superstar (he's only 20!) for £57.6m, which is nothing in today's market. Timing can be questioned, but if we do miss out on a Champion's League spot and end up losing Hazard, then it won't be another catabolic sh*tshow of a market trying to get anything and everything come the summer. Immense potential, great transfer!
  12. You're talking as if this problem started today. It's been looming since the sacking of Ancelotti. Football manager, the irony
  13. With FFP and this transfermarket, we won't ever have a squad capable of performing any style to perfection, because there's a tendancy to sack every manager every 1-2 years. Chelsea is no Real Madrid or Barcelona or Bayern Münich, we need stability to achieve success (e.g. the "Mourinho" team from first era that gave Chelsea the core to go on to with everything).
  14. Relax. That's the difference between a team that's been trained towards a certain philosophy for two years (and still has needed tons of investment for fine tuning!) versus 2 weeks of "pre-season" on a World Cup year.
  15. Direct rivals for any competition we're in at the moment par the CL. We just lost FA cup and Community Shield to them in the space of 3 months.
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