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  1. TBF he played really well yesterday. Held the ball well, linked up nicely and made some good passes. The only thing missing was a goal.
  2. I'm just praying to god that there is an obligation to buy clause in the contract.
  3. Don't jinx it mate, steady on.
  4. Mufassir08


    Don't think its legit.
  5. 3rd choice experienced homegrown goalkeeper. Perfect move if you ask me.
  6. What's the deal with this guy? There has been no news about him for quite some time now.
  7. Even though the CBs of Belgium were fantastic against Brazil, the real star at the back was no doubt Courtois. Haven't seen this Courtois for a while now for Chelsea.
  8. Nearly untouchable tonight. Had a bit of wobble during the middle stages of the second half and towards the end there was no getting the ball off him without hearing the ref's whistle.
  9. Absolutely! Ever since Marina has been tasked with handling transfer negotiations, every single transfer feels like a saga and the worst part is that we always come out on the losing side. Strictly speaking in terms of player acquisition of course.
  10. Tbh I'd sell Cesc without any hesitation this summer while we can still get some money for him. We all know that Cesc's legs have been gone since 2015 but more recently I feel that his biggest asset which is his passing has also gone down the drain. Sure he may give the occasional wonderful throughball but he doesn't inspire confidence on the ball anymore the way he used to. So I'd sell Cesc and replace him with Seri. This will leave our midfield options for next season as Kante, Seri, Golovin, Barkley, RLC and Baka which is more than adequate for league plus the vigours of Europa league. Goes
  11. We are probably waiting for the deadline of the release clause to pass so that we can try to negotiate the price down only for someone else to swoop in and sign Seri leaving us scrambling for the signature Jonjo Shelvey on deadline day.
  12. The way the board has been acting for the past few summers, do you really think challenging for the league is an objective anymore? Doesn't seem that way to me.
  13. Can't read it... Is there anyway you could paste the text over here please?
  14. I'm afraid that a pairing of Christensen and Rugani might struggle against the more physical forwards as both players are essentially of the same kind with very similar strengths and weaknesses.
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