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  1. Honestly didn't even occur to me. Well you win some you lose some.
  2. Might turn good but I'd be doubtful. Estonian league is not the greatest and it really doesn't take much to shine. The thing with playing in the mud leagues is that you need to have an impeccable work ethic and drive to keep working on yourself and -to me- signing for MLS DC United feeder club doesn't show much ambition. He supposedly had offers from Eredivisie/Ekstraklasa/Russian Premier League/Scandinavian leagues, which in theory could have been a better stepping stone to be noted by the European scouts.
  3. The silver-lining to Chelsea's poor run of games is the evident need to strengthen in certain areas. Had we had good run of games in December, then we would have been blinded by the potential of the youth and might not have anticipated the downside of having so many talented but inexperienced players integrated to the team all at once. I fully understand the doubters - at times we were playing high-scoring, free-flowing football and the appetite grew over time, but no need to get ahead of ourselves and expect the unexpected - a young team with an inexperienced -yet loved- manager - the club's
  4. Agreed. Knowing you will not be benched for a bad day is a good confidence boost and will not make him play too safe. His goal celebration showed it.
  5. A great game, a lot of positives. No need to go on an emotional rollercoaster for a SuperCup game. With penalties you win some, you lose some. I'm more worried about having to play next opposition already on Sunday coming off from 120min on high pace football. Luckily start of the season and a young squad makes the recovery easier.
  6. Firmino is playing? Other than that i'm not so sure how Mane wins headers in their/our box. Brilliant game so far.
  7. Agree with your assessment. We do need a natural wingback and we also need to sort out our strikers. We should be thinking out of the box when it comes to signing aswell - Alonso, Azpilicueta etc have been great and have not cost a fortune.
  8. Agree with your conclusions, tough, are there any equally profilic,but cheaper strikers on the market at the moment? Maybe I lack imagination, but in my opinion, the perfect fit to our system would be L.Suarez/R.Lewandowski type of strikers ,but that's just dreamland. That leaves us with worse alternatives and a heavy pricetag that comes with the Chelsea tag. Would be logical to assume that the transfer is done and Lukaku is returning to the Bridge given how active Everton have been on the transfer market. Only reason I see delaying the announcement is not to bump the prices up of our other ta
  9. You've got a point but remember- best teams don't consist of the best players. Leicester have a special bond between the players and an unshaken confidence that I've not seen a team possess for a long time.
  10. From Leicester's point of view, getting to CL is massive acheivement but it can backfire on EPL coefficient as they probably won't show the same game next year. Plus better players will be poached from them, notably Mahrez. Europa League will be better from them in terms of difficulty.
  11. Penalty miss is a shame but I'm more livid about penalty given away by Matic. A point is better than a loss, a small step forward against inform Watford, which is not an excuse but a silver lining I guess. ManU next, 2 strugglers. Let's see who wants it more.
  12. Agree. Also going by that logic - howcome England national team is underperforming when all of them are hotshots in the EPL?
  13. My question is: if Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Münich, PSG, ManCity, Arsenal etc are all pushing for beautiful attacking tikataka football style, why should we follow suit? Are there enough players to actually implement the right system? I really didn't mind defensive football, that has been our niche for a long time. The main difference I'd expect to see from Simone (compared with JM) is a better man management/better PR via press. So in that regards Simone would be the best candiate for the vacancy.
  14. Being in Europa League is worse than being out of Europe for a season. An off year would give the new manager time to adjust himself to the league/cups with right amount of rest inbetween for the players. The bigger question is attracting and keeping hold of quality players. Players' careers are relatively short, managers can afford to spend a year or two on building something. Like I said, getting in the right players while not playing in the CL is the hard part.
  15. In terms of potential and current abilities, he is the only real world class player we have. He is one of the best GKs atm and will become the best in the near future.
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