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  1. We can't offload him in Jan, can we?
  2. Buy-back was confirmed to be more than 40m. Might still be a fair price in a few years, we'll see
  3. He was rotating between CM and LM
  4. i guess we can't legally stop him, but i doubt Kante would go against the club if they told him he shouldn't go because of his health
  5. Fucking hell, why did we allow him to go to the national team? He needs rest ffs.
  6. Truly baffling that we're not going for Tchouameni or Camavinga. Rice is the only possible reason i can think of.
  7. What absolute wankers. Any potential deal for Rice would be a complete nightmare. Please just get Tchouameni at this point.
  8. If we are really considering a loan it confirms to me, that we are simply holding out for Rice.
  9. Didn't the UK relax the quarantine restrictions? Are we sure he has to do that?
  10. Dortmund is publicly listed, negotiations with those kinds of clubs are done differently. Any real offer made would have to be publicly disclosed by Dortmund, which the club certainly do not want. Because of that its just tons of discussions and sounding out through intermediates, because you only want to make an official offer, once you are absolutely sure it will be accepted. Since Dortmund appear to be adamant about keeping him, the club probably will never make an offer this summer. Which does not mean they didnt try everything.
  11. Regardless of if he will be a success or not, its quite the stretch comparing buying the top rated defender of la liga with the likes of Drinkwater and Bakayoko.
  12. Since a top striker doesn't seem to be possible this summer it seems reasonable to invest in a good young CB and DM now, since we have a bunch of aging players in those regions
  13. He knows even less than that fan page
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