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  1. Regardless of if he will be a success or not, its quite the stretch comparing buying the top rated defender of la liga with the likes of Drinkwater and Bakayoko.
  2. Since a top striker doesn't seem to be possible this summer it seems reasonable to invest in a good young CB and DM now, since we have a bunch of aging players in those regions
  3. He knows even less than that fan page
  4. I don't really want Rice here anymore, simply because of the fan discourse he would bring with him. Would be worse than Mount where after a good game he is the best midfielder in the world for one camp, and after a bad one he is the biggest fraud in the world to the other camp.
  5. Kalajdzic? We can also just keep Tammy then.
  6. Do they mention Haaland? Still havent heard anything from reliable english media, have we?
  7. Mention of the fee anywhere?
  8. Him going there for Rice would be like James coming to Everton for Carlo.
  9. Yeah it would definitely be a huge risk for them. Speaking strictly financially losing out on cl would still be less of a loss than 100m though..
  10. That is exactly what he didn't do. He just said "we are still planning with him", which is the weakest possible statement you can make, and decidedly different from what he said about the other players. And yes, under pressure to sell, IF a huge bid comes in.
  11. I agree with your general sentiment, but with Sancho and Lewandowski they came out straight away saying that they are not going to leave, which they are explicitly not doing with Haaland. Also they are definitely under pressure to sell, because it is very hard to burn 100m of fee in a year, when you have shareholders to answer to.
  12. Cl topscorer last season at 20 years old...
  13. Can we please stop taking something seriously that Pedulla said
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